Two weeks into summer holidays already

It’s almost 11pm, which is my ‘quiet time’, the only real time of the day when I am alone.  That’s not to say I don’t ever have time to myself at other times of day, and I do try to get to the gym several days a week still so it’s not like I never have an hour here and there.  But even at the gym, it still feels like it’s part of the hustle and bustle of the day.  It’s hard to find the time to really stop and collect my thoughts.  I feel sad that I so rarely do so, because I’m not recording near what I want to, and I know I say that in pretty much every second blog post.  I wish I was recording so much more of the kids lives than I do.  Right now, in the thick of it all, it feels like I’ll never forget a single moment.  But case in point, a friend asked about something that’s happening in her 3 month old twins lives, wanting advice because I’ve been there, and I honestly could not remember to give an answer!  At each stage there’s so much going on and you feel like that is the be all and end all of EVERYTHING and then give yourself a year or two and you’re somewhere so different that it all becomes a blur.  I guess that’s just life!

Andrew has been on summer holidays now for 2 weeks, so I guess you could say we’ve fallen into a new routine.  Which is somewhat of a non-routine!  I can’t lie, I love no formal schedule.  I mean, we HAVE a schedule, it’s called little kids.  For example, I don’t remember the last time we ever set an alarm, because there’s no need - we’re guaranteed to be woken before we actually need to be up, every single day of the week!  But not having to be presentable and have all the kids fed and dressed and out the door by 8:30 in the morning?  It’s kind of glorious!  I can’t say I really miss school.  Yet on the other hand, there is something I DO miss about it, if I really think about it...because it gave me the forced structure that I probably SHOULD have.  Still, it’s nice to have a break, and to have more time with Andrew (even though I think the structure of school is really good for him, too).

We’ve been spending more time at home than I’d hoped, though it’s not entirely surprising given there’s ‘one of me’ and ‘3 of them’!  It’s more so because of the heat, and more recently the smoke in the air, though, that has caused us to be more restricted in our activities.  We have had almost no rain whatsoever in several MONTHS now, like as in barely a drop, which is so rare for us here.  It has also been hotter than normal, with temps reaching into the 30s starting to become the new norm, which is NOT what we’re used to.  It’s been so hot that the kids don’t want to stay out for long, and I definitely don’t, and even in the house it’s quite uncomfortable (which is when I start to envy James going off to work outside the home, in an AIR CONDITIONED OFFICE!!  If only!)

But at the same time I feel like we’ve been making the most of it, and I’ve been trying to make an effort to get us out each day, or bring someone to us, so there’s always something happening.  Yesterday we went to two parks in the area that we’ve rarely been to despite how close they are, and we did both before lunch time so we beat the worst of the heat for the day, which was great.  AND the girls napped better because they’d used up a lot of their energy in the early hours!  Today my mom came over so I was able to have a little nap when the girls did, which is extremely rare now that Andrew is home during the day, and I found it really helped me a lot in getting through the rest of the day (read: Witching Hours).

I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed lately, and have had several days where I just felt like there’s no way I can keep up with what I’m having to do...made worse by the reality that I don’t have a choice.  But then I had a really good day with the kids a few days ago, where everything seemed to fall perfectly into place, and Andrew was super helpful and well behaved all day, and the girls were good, and it just made such a huge difference in my own outlook on things.  I want to have more of those days, and I want to create happy summer memories for the kids.  While some days might seem really hard, I want to focus on the ones that are really great, and know that we tried our hardest to have the best day possible!  We still have lots of time in our yard, and we just got news that we WILL be getting a proper fence put in, which means there are new upgrades to be seen still this summer, and this time ones that are not out of pocket, which is a real bonus!

Still haven’t come up with our ‘clipboard of fun’ for tomorrow, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something :)


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