Their very own bikes

We’ve finally had a bit of rain, not enough to end all the water bans I’m sure, but at least the plants and trees have had a bit to drink, and hopefully there won’t be so many fires happening.  Andrew’s starting an outdoor camp tomorrow for the week, so I’m hoping it’s not too rainy for that (but I’m glad he wasn’t doing it in the crazy heat we were having up until a few days ago!)

Last night I scored the best deal ever on two Strider bikes for the girls.  They usually sell used for around $80 EACH, but these were 2 for $30 total, and that included the helmets!  I couldn’t pass it up.  Both Margaret and Emily love to go in circles (because that’s all the space our deck has!) out in our backyard on the tricycle Andrew got for his 2nd birthday.  So when I told them I was getting them bikes, they were over the moon with excitement!  We went and picked them up today, and even though it was raining a bit we stopped at Andrew’s schoolyard and they tried them out.  We brought Andrew’s bike along, too, so he also got some practice in.  The Striders will take some getting used to because they don’t have pedals, and in some ways I think the girls would have been ok with a regular bike with training wheels, because they’ve ridden a friend’s bike before and did amazingly well on it.  Still, I’ve never heard anything bad about a balance bike and it sounds like kids who use those typically learn to ride a 2 wheeler much faster.  I just can’t get over the amazing deal we got on them!  I usually miss out on stuff like that because I’m not checking the sites enough, but I just so happened to be in the right place at the right time!

One of the bikes is pink and one is blue, which could have gone awry in the sense of both girls latching on to one of the colours.  But luckily when Margaret said she wanted the pink one, Emily piped in that she wanted the blue one, and all was perfect.  I love how agreeable they can be.  Doesn’t mean they’re like that all the time, but especially given that Emily is so easy going, it’s generally not too much of an issue, anyway.  Although I wouldn’t have called her easy going all...In fact, of the 3 kids Margaret was the best behaved yesterday!  And that’s definitely saying something!!!  

It feels like fall outside.  It’s not really cold or anything, but it just looks so dreary.  We need it, so I’m not complaining, but it really reminds me of how it feels when it’s fall, and I mean that psychologically.  I’m so not ready for the temps to drop and for it to be rainy all the time!  I can’t stand the thought of losing our backyard living-room-extension!  Thank goodness this will be short lived.  I know we’re potentially in for more heat-wave activity, which isn’t entirely ideal either, but I really do prefer the sunshine.


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