Playland 2015, round one!

On Sunday my parents came over in the morning to watch the girls so we could take Andrew to Playland.  (We plan on taking them on a separate day, but wanted to take Andrew on his own since there’s a lot more he can do there than what they can).

We didn’t tell Andrew where we were going, we thought it would be more fun to keep it a surprise.  We went to Safeway and picked up some sandwiches and snacks to take with us, and then got parked a few blocks away so we wouldn’t have to pay the $10 parking fee.  As we were walking toward Playland, we told Andrew we were heading to the mountain in the distance, and we were going to climb to the top, and all that would be there would be a scenic view of the city.  We thought he would freak out at the whole idea, but he was so good about it and said, ‘Oh, ok, well I think I’ve got the energy for that!’  He of course saw Playland but figured we were walking right past it, and amazingly was fine with it.  Then we said, ‘You know what, maybe the mountain climbing is a bit ambitious, maybe we should just go to Playland today instead?’  And he agreed...but still didn’t believe we were going there.  When we got up near the window to pay he started jumping up and down and said, ‘Are you serious?!  We’re going to Playland TODAY?!!!’  It was well worth the surprise!

The first ride we went on is Andrew’s favourite, The Kettle Creek Mine roller coaster.  It was fun as always!  We went on the hot air balloon ride, The Scrambler (my personal favourite!), the tea cups (I got too dizzy on those this time!), and Andrew also went on the Super Slide, into the pirate ship climber, the motorcycles, etc.  We stopped and had our lunch at a picnic bench in the shade, and then went on the Bumper Cars and Andrew and James went through the House of Mirrors.  (I get too claustrophobic in there, I didn’t do it this year!)  We of course checked out the Haunted House, but Andrew is still way too young to go inside.  This guy was standing outside all done up as a zombie, and was looking at us with a creepy zombie stare.  He shuffled over and then talked to Andrew and wasn’t acting too creepy for him, but it was still too scary for Andrew to stick around for long!

We let him spend $5 to do this rope ladder climbing to try to win an Ipad, which is a total scam since the guy holding the ladder at the bottom makes it impossible to ever reach the top, but Andrew wanted to try so badly anyway.  We also got some cotton candy.  Andrew got a Henna tattoo of a skull and cross bones, but then messed it up when he and James were horsing around in the lineup to go on the roller coaster again, so we had to rush back to the tattoo booth and have the woman fix it.  It didn’t turn out quite as well as they have in the past but it was at least mostly salvaged.

After it dried a bit, we got in line for the log ride, as our final ride of the day (just like last year).  It was so thrilling last year and I was actually shocked Andrew agreed to go on it again, but he was acting like it would be no big deal.  We got on with James sitting in the front, and Andrew in front of me at the back so I could hold onto him.  After we went down the first part he started freaking out because the second part of course is twice as crazy, and he was SOBBING, yelling out things like, ‘We’re gonna die!  We’re gonna drown!  We’re dying, we’re dying!’  I kept telling him there’s no way we’d have gone on the ride if it was going to kill us, just scream at the top of your lungs when we start to fall and that will make it less scary.  (It’s what I do!!)  He just sobbed till it was over.  I felt bad that he was so upset, but afterwards he was joking about it, so I know he wasn’t traumatized!  I’m sure we’ll go on it again next year, because it’s our tradition now :)

It was a VERY hot day and we all got a little bit sun burnt, but nothing too bad.  Even though it was crazy hot, I loved it.  It feels like part of the whole experience to go on a really hot summer’s day.  I’m so glad we got to go and have several hours of time with just the boy.


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