Heat Wave, Canada Day, and other stories...

This past week we’ve just been doing what we can to keep cool.  It’s been so hot that when I’ve taken the kids to the park, they’ve asked to go home sooner than I’d expect.  Actually, they usually get really upset when it’s time to go and I basically have to force them to leave!  But it’s just so HOT.  Luckily the downstairs of our house doesn’t get overly stifling (upstairs is another story) and by late afternoon it’s somewhat comfortable in our backyard.  By the time the kids go to sleep (which is getting later, typically around 9 these days) all James and I want to do is sit out back in the lounge chairs and enjoy the cooler air.

The heat wave has been amazing in some ways, because it’s sort of a novelty here on the usually ‘wet coast’ to have the luxury of spending time outside in the sun EVERY DAY.  But I think the vast majority would agree that the novelty has worn off and we need some rain.  Of course, not too much, just enough to cool things down, water the earth, get us away from the water usage restrictions, and then bring the sunshine back!  Preferably doing the rain thing during weekdays so weekends could still be nice for family outings.  Please and thank you, weather gods!!!!

On Friday James and Andrew went over to Victoria to spend a few days with James’ mom (whose birthday was yesterday).  I haven’t spoken to her since Christmas day, and don’t see any change to that in the foreseeable future, but it was good for the boys to go over for a visit.  The girls didn’t get to go because it would be too much for James to have to take all 3 kids over on his own, not to mention way too expensive if he was to take the van.  If he didn’t take the van, there wouldn’t be enough room for car seats for all 3 kids, so yeah.  The girls stayed with me, which worked well except that Margaret is still not a very good sleeper and I barely got any rest at all.

James just went for one night, but Andrew stayed on and will be home in about an hour.  James took the girls with him to go pick Andrew up at the ferry and spend a few hours with the mil there.  So I’ve had several hours completely to myself at home, which almost never happens.  It’s been nice, although too hot to nap, which is unfortunate because I desperately need to catch up on some sleep!  Still, it’s been nice to have some down time.  I got some stuff organized, sat and ate a meal all to myself without anyone eating half of it for me, watched a show, rearranged part of the living room (which I’ve been wanting to do for a while now!), did some writing (as well as this writing I’m doing now!), made some homemade lavender bath salts (another thing I’ve been wanting to do for some time) and just vegged for a while.  I plan on sitting out in the backyard with a cool drink in a few.  The calm before the storm...and by storm I don’t mean the rain we need, but the sudden burst of crazy energy called Andrew, Margaret, and Emily that will be flying through the front door in about an hour!!

Backtracking a bit to last Wednesday, we did get to Burnaby Village Museum to celebrate Canada Day.  We met up with my aunt and uncle and cousins there.  We checked out the magic show shortly after we got there, and when the magician was asking for volunteers for the audience, Andrew’s hand flew in the air and he got picked to help with one of the magic tricks!  It was so cute watching him up there in the limelight, which I swear is his favourite place to be!  He absolutely loved it, and periodically would look over to where I was standing and give me this huge grin.  It was hilarious watching how the trick played out, and also clever because I still have absolutely no idea how it was done!  The girls enjoyed the festivities as well, and partook in the bean bag tosses and of course the carousel ride.  Whenever I mention Burnaby Village Museum their eyes light up, and Margaret talks about how the horsie goes around and around and up and down!  They love it.  After BVM we came back to our place and had a picnic/buffet type meal and pretty much spent the whole afternoon in our backyard visiting with family.  It was a great day!  

The next day I went to Costco in the morning with my mom (my dad had the day off so he watched the kids on his own for a couple of hours, first time ever I think with all 3 alone!)  Costco...I love a lot of the products but I can’t really stand shopping there.  I only go a few times a year because it’s just so frustrating there, but I was happy to get what I did.  In the evening we had James’ cousins (I think 3rd cousins?) for a visit, which was great.  Actually, we’d got together with them last Sunday at the park on Commercial Drive (which was a bit sketchy but the playground was good for the kids!  Not sure how soon I’d go back there, though) and then decided to invite them over so we could chat some more.  I wish they lived closer.  Sadly, they used to live in New West and we almost never saw them and now I’m kicking myself because they’re great and I wish we’d hung out with them more when they were so close by.  They have 3 kids similar ages to ours, so it works perfectly.  But they’ve moved to the US so it will probably be a while before we get to see them again.  Still, it was great to have the visit that we did.  And we’ve definitely been getting great use of our new backyard set up so far this summer with all this entertaining!


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