Are YOU ready for Halloween?!

My kids absolutely LOVE playing dress up.  Lately it’s one of their favourite things, even in the heat (although it’s been slightly cooler lately, at least not a total heat wave at all times...Today it’s actually RAINING, for the first time in ages).

Andrew and I usually start obsessing about Halloween costumes in August so we can get them ordered early on.  It’s like our security blanket that we’re all set for Halloween well in advance!  This year we started looking at costumes online a couple of weeks ago, which looking back I probably shouldn’t have allowed, because Andrew became so fixated on choosing a costume that we HAD to make a decision a few days ago, and as a result, the kids’ 2015 Halloween costumes are currently in transit!

While we were looking into what the girls should go as (with their input...I feel like it was so much simpler when I got to just choose myself, but I can’t help but let them have a say to some extent at least, now that they have their own interests and ideas about things!) we checked out some ads on Craigslist and I came across a Snow White costume and a Witch costume, both of which were in the girls’ current size, and the person was selling them for just $5 each!  I doubted they’d be what we wanted for their actual Halloween costumes, but I couldn’t help but snap them up just for dress-up.  It turns out the girls are OBSESSED with them, and while they definitely aren’t wearing them for Halloween, they have already paid for themselves and we only got them a few days ago.  They both fight over the witch costume at times but usually Emily is Snow White and Margaret is the ‘Dark Witch’ as they call it.  It’s a VERY good thing I stuck to keeping them in matching costumes for their actual Halloween clothes, because I couldn’t stand the thought of them fighting over one costume.  They really do better dressing the same I find.  Unless they choose to wear a particular clothing item and it happens to be different from the other, they don’t have anything to fight over if I just dress them the same.  I still love the cuteness factor of them matching, too.  I’ll definitely do it for as long as I can, and the girls love it, so it’s great all around :)

Yesterday I gave the kids a bath.  We haven’t been bathing quite as often with the water restrictions, or I’ll take a bath and then the kids will all pile in after I’m done (or try to pile in there with me…!)  Emily was so excited to be having a tubby that she grinned from ear to ear and said to me, ‘Tubbies are the best thing in the whole world!’  I thought that was super cute.

Last night Margaret woke up around 11pm.  I was still up, and she knew it by the gate not being locked yet at the top of the stairs.  I heard the pitter patter of her little feet race from her bed to the stairs and she called out, ‘Moooommmmmmyyyyyy!’  I went up and got her tucked back into bed.  She asked me in her teensy little Margaret voice, ‘Are you going to bed now, Mommy?’  I said, ‘Not yet, why?’  She said, ‘Because I miss you when you go to bed, Mommy.  And then I get up and wake up Daddy to tell him, and then he says, that’s it, no rice pudding for you!’  LOL!  It was HILARIOUS.  (The kids will get a little bit of rice pudding on the mornings when they’ve all slept through the night be honest I don’t remember the last time they had it…and it’s 99% Margaret waking up in the night…)

I just love all the cute things the kids say, and I wish life didn’t feel so busy that I could just jot everything down as it’s being said, but it typically doesn’t happen, and then when I’m sure I’ll remember it all at the end of the day, by then my brain is fried and I can’t remember much of anything.

Of course Andrew says hilarious things all the time, too.  Lately I’ve really been noticing how much older he’s looking.  I can’t believe he’ll be turning 7 this year.  I told him he looks like such a grown up boy now, and then he said, ‘But I’m still your baby boy, right, you’ll still call me that?’  I told him that even when he’s 60, and I’m 90, I’ll still call him my baby boy!  He seemed relieved.  I love that he’s still at an age where that wouldn’t seem embarrassing.  He’s still my little cuddle bug, and I hope that doesn’t change for a long time yet.

I just asked him to say something funny for me to finish this post with, and he said, ‘What’s green, sits in the corner, and cries?’  Answer:  ‘The Incredible Sulk!’  :D


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