Another leak....seriously??

On Saturday morning I was doing up a few dishes in the sink when a bead of water running down the wall caught my eye.  It started underneath the cupboard above the sink, and ended at the lip of the countertop.  At first I thought nothing of it, as my mind was drifting elsewhere, as it tends to do when I’m doing dishes.  But then I did a double take.  Why would there be a bead of water running down the wall?!  It’s not like water could have splashed up from the sink and just so happen to form a straight line!  I wiped the water away at the top, and my heart sank a bit when the wetness came right back.  We had yet another leak.  LITERALLY our 8th leak in 2.5 years living here.

We’re friends with a few of our neighbours and we’ve spoken of the various leaks we’ve had, so I had an idea where to investigate.  I went into the living room (part of which is technically the ‘formal dining room’, although we don’t use it for that purpose.  It shares the wall the sink is on on the other side).  I moved our desk over a bit and touched the carpet and cursed under my break when I realized it was wet.  Our brand new carpet from Christmas time due to the last leak (oh wait, no, we’ve had 2 other leaks since then…!!!) and it’s wet...I was freaked right out.  I called the office...which is luckily open on a Saturday, and doubly lucky that someone actually ANSWERED since they tend to screen the calls and often choose to ignore them.  The manager said she would ‘try to find a plumber’ and gave me no ETA, but I did figure he’d arrive in a somewhat timely fashion, as despite the Mickey Mouse work they tend to do, they do usually respond relatively quickly at least where leaking water is concerned.  I turned the main tap off so we no longer had any running water...Which sucked, but I figured it would all be dealt with soon enough.  That was at about 11 in the morning.  The plumber showed up at 7pm…..

It felt like such a long day of waiting.  Apparently I was ‘over reacting’ but the thing is, I know what these leaks mean.  They mean a total sense of insecurity in our home.  I’m reminded each time this happens that we’re always at high risk, because our odds have not been good so far.  It means the house has to go into complete disarray because everything from that part of the room had to be relocated, and it just so happened that the main part of the leak was happening right behind our big book shelf.  So our books are in a huge heap on the floor in another part of the living room, and the shelf is propped on its side away from where the water was.  We had another shelf (with a door) because the book shelf, filled with toys, that is now upstairs because there’s nowhere else to safely store that, so I had to make it work in a new location altogether.  The disarray means my anxiety levels increase because the house is my domain and I put a lot of effort into maintaining it, even though sometimes it might not seem like it.  I can’t stand living like I’m a slob who doesn’t keep things tidy.  I’m tired of every few months having it look like we’re either about to move out or have just moved in and haven’t quite finished putting things away, which is what happens every time one of these leaks takes the place over.

One plus is that it was SO HOT OUT, the water-logged carpet miraculously did dry up relatively quickly (within 24 hours) with just one regular fan pointed on it for that time.  Another positive is that I obviously caught the leak early, because there was no sign of mold, and while the carpet was getting quite saturated, I know from experience it could be a lot worse!

Fixing it probably took about 20 minutes total, but then I had to wait to hear as to when the drywall would be replaced.  I finally reached the manager the next late afternoon, after attempting to reach her in the morning without luck.  She said Thursday would be the day.  No time line, just ‘Thursday’, so it looks like it will be an at-home day for me and the kids tomorrow!  

Something worrisome is that the plumber said that the rest of the pipes in that wall and the one joined to it (that also deal with draining the bathtub upstairs…) are all the ‘bad’ ones as well, so ultimately it’s a ticking time bomb for leaking, but he was only fixing what was leaking that day, so just be aware.  Gee, thanks, thanks a lot…(WHAT?!!)  He also removed pipes in the kitchen without us having anything at all to do with it and then claimed that it ‘wasn’t his job’ to install new ones, but that he’d do it for us anyway, ‘you know, so you’ll at least have running water for the weekend.’  Gee, thanks again, don’t put yourself out too much there, OK!   !!!!!!!!!!

Backtracking to the afternoon, I took Andrew to his school playground for a playdate that was organized for him and a few of his school friends.  It was fun, he had a great time playing tag with them on the playground.  It was a good distraction for me too, as it meant I wasn't pacing around the house wondering why the plumber hadn't arrived yet!


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