I hope 'owl' see you again!

We’ve been having a major heat wave here lately.  To the point that people from Alberta as well as Ontario have been telling me this is hotter than what they’re used to (and I always thought both those provinces had much hotter summer temps than us).  It’s just that it’s gone on for such a long stretch.  We had a very small amount of rain maybe a week or two ago and I was so not used to rain anymore that I literally felt like I didn’t know what to do!  It’s crazy, because usually in June we’d have a fair bit of rain, but we had little rain in May AND June this month, and as far as I know there’s no end of this heat in sight.

It’s been great in some ways, because we’ve been using the yard a ton and getting out to the park a lot.  I love feeling like we’re not stuck indoors due to rain, we have way more than our fair share of rain most of the time.  But this heat is getting brutal, and today felt so warm that it was hard to be outside at all.  Inside is hot, too, and right now I’m upstairs which is an inferno.  But outside was so freaking hot that when James and I were out on a little afternoon date, it just felt uncomfortable to do anything that involved being outside.

We went for a bit of a hike (after getting some authentic pizzas and eating them at a little park in the shade) and ended up going into a forested area.  We were heading back out of the little trail when we heard a loud HOOT, HOOOOOOOOT! from a little ways away from us and then spotted a white and grey coloured owl in a tree VERY close to where we were standing.  After admiring that one for a while, we looked back because it kept looking in one direction and then made this sort of meowing noise, and it turned out there was another of the same type of owl in another nearby tree!  It was such a cool experience to see them.  I LOVE owls.  I find them mesmerizing.  I told James I must have a thing for big eyed birds, because my favourite animal is the ostrich, and now I’m thinking my 2nd fave is the owl.  So cute, and just so rare to see like that.  I definitely want to go back there with the kids sometime and hopefully spot them again!


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