Father's Day weekend

I’ve been so bad about writing things down lately, I HAVE to change that…

Last Friday (not yesterday!) Andrew gave James an early Father’s Day card, to let him know that on Saturday (the day before Father’s Day) they’d be going to see Marvel Live at the Pacific Coliseum.  Andrew and I got the tickets for it all the way back in January so it was exciting to finally be giving the gift.  They went and had a great time together.  The show sounded really awesome, with lots of stunts and tons of fire and explosions (Andrew was very excited when telling me, ‘The fire was actual REAL fire, too, Mommy, it wasn’t fake!’)  It was a perfect Father/Son thing to do to celebrate!  

While they were at the show I struggled to get the girls to nap, finally got them down and then my aunt and uncle came over for a little visit.  I rarely ever get to chat with them without the interruption of the kids, so it was nice to be able to sit outside with a glass of wine and just talk.  I had to wake Margaret and Emily up to see them before they left, though, because I’d promised them they’d see them and I knew how disappointed they’d be if they missed out on a bit of a visit.

It wasn’t long after that James texted to say they were on their way home.  The girls and I picked them up along the way and we went to Go Thai in New West for supper.  We almost never go to a restaurant with all 3 kids (the girls have only been to restaurants maybe a handful of times, total!) but we went for it, and Go Thai was a good choice in that we were able to sit outside, and no one else was out there.  So we didn’t have to be overly concerned about the noise the kids made (although of course we do try to teach them good table manners!)  It went OK, but only Andrew would eat any of the food, and it felt quite exhausting in all honesty.  Aside from the sheer cost of eating out for a family of 5, I also remembered why we almost never take them to restaurants.  It’s so much work!  But the food was good, and from there we just had a short trek down the street to Hume Park.

We checked out the new water park, which Emily in particular LOVED, although after playing on the regular playground Andrew and Margaret enjoyed it, too.  It’s just that Emily can hold her attention on one thing for a good chunk of time, so she can be content wherever she’s at.  The other two tend to bounce from one thing to the next a lot.  It’s something I want to work on with them...In part it’s just who they are, their personalities being quite similar it’s not surprising they’re both like that!  But I also think it’s something they could work on so they could have more focus.  It would definitely make things a lot less complicated for me if they could do an activity for more than a few minutes at a time!!  But that’s a whole other blog post…!!  It was a fun, somewhat spontaneous trip to the park, and I’m glad we went.  

On Father’s Day when I got up I got the kids sorted and took them over to my parents’ house so we could see my dad.  We had a nice visit there, with muffins and scones and strawberries for breakfast.  James got to have about an hour and a half to himself, and when we got home we had something more to eat and then the girls went for their nap and Andrew and I worked on getting his teachers’ end of year gifts prepared.  (As a side note, I’m SO happy with how they turned out, I got the idea from Pinterest but put my own spin on it and I actually feel like the end product was Pinterest worthy itself, which is something I pretty much NEVER say about my Pinterest attempts, sadly!)  

After the girls’ nap we took the kids to a park with a small zip line and fairly big playground.  It turned out to be a great choice.  There was a little girl there who was from another country and the mom said a few times, ‘We don’t speak any English!’ (which I literally think is about the only English she could say!) but the little girl was OBSESSED with Margaret and followed her around everywhere and would clap in her face and when Margaret clapped back she would do this gleeful little laugh.  It was SO CUTE.  Everything Margaret did, this girl wanted to do, too, and I like that because Margaret is a twin, she’s used to having a sidekick, so she lapped it right up!  We had a little picnic-snack there, and then headed home.  It wasn’t the most relaxing Father’s Day but James enjoyed it, and it was nice to have some family time together.


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