Better late than never!

(Written on June 18th…)

Last Saturday we had good intentions and had hoped to get the kids out but decided instead to just stick close to home.  I did a bit of a grocery shop, which I don’t tend to do on the weekend usually but we were running low on quite a few things.  We had my parents over for dinner that night and spent a lot of time in the backyard.

On Sunday we decided to cross something off our Summer Bucket List.  We took the kids to New Brighton Park.  We’ve gone past the park quite a few times and tried to go once last year but parking was insane and we had to go somewhere else.  We left early and got there by 10am, and managed to get a parking spot but I think within another half an hour there would have been none.  I don’t know if they don’t allot much parking to prevent the park from getting overcrowded or what, but despite the full parking lots, it really didn’t feel busy.  The kids enjoyed the playground, and then we took them to the outdoor pool for a while, which they all absolutely loved.  You have to ‘keep within arm’s reach’ of your children the entire time and while of course with the girls we have to anyway because they’re not that used to being in the water, it was a bit stressful because they want to do separate things and then Andrew wants attention as well, of course.  It’ll be a little easier next year I’m sure, but it was fun enough that we plan to go back again in the summer.

After some swim time, we got changed and went and set up a picnic near the playground so the kids could go off and play if they wanted, and come back for snacks as needed.  They still needed our help a few times but it worked out pretty well.  From there we checked out the beach, where we saw a giant purple starfish hanging out on a rock, and after a little walk we decided it was time to head home.  We’d hoped to get the kids all sleeping on the way, so we could maybe go for a drive and just ‘relax’ but only Andrew slept in the car...for no longer than 5 minutes, and then announced, ‘Well, I had my nap, and I’m feeling energized!  LOL

When the girls went for their nap (which took a crazy long time to get them to do, considering how tired we’d have thought they’d have been), I spent some time with Andrew and sat outside in the sun for a bit, and James spent some time washing our bikes.  When he was done I took mine out for a little spin.  I almost never get the opportunity to ride my bike, but whenever I’m on it I remember how much fun it is to cycle.  After I rode around the block for a few minutes, I came back and James got Andrew’s bike out.  He’s kind of struggled with learning how to ride a bike, in part because the one we got him turned out to be a bit of a lemon (even though it was not cheap) and also because he doesn’t have a whole lot of patience (admittedly, he gets that from me!)  But because he’s a bit bigger now, or maybe because he’s been motivated by seeing some of his friends from school riding their bikes, he took to it much better this time.  And he actually went for a decent length bike ride with James.  Father/son cycling time, something James has been looking forward to for years!  Andrew still has the training wheels on but they’re jacked up so that he really does have to work on balancing.  I think they training wheels should be coming off after a few more practice sessions.  If we were able to get him out on his bike every night he’d be doing awesome but the reality is it just doesn’t happen as much as we’d like.

The weekend ended up being as relaxing as it could be with the kids.  It was tiring, but fun, and we all managed a little time in the sun and got a few things done that we’d hoped to.  I love that we have so many more summery weekends to look forward to.  


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