Sing it all the way, sing it all the way my darlings

On Friday night James and I went to the Walk Off the Earth concert at the Vogue Theatre.  It was James’ birthday gift, which I actually bought the tickets for in February to give him April, so it was something we’d been looking forward to for a while.  I can’t say enough good things about it.  Partly it felt magical because James and I had so many hours out, just the two of us, which almost NEVER happens.  But we have the band and the positive energy surrounding them to really thank for the amazing night we had.

We headed downtown around 4, walked around a bit, and ended up at Bellagio across from the art gallery, where we shared some mozzarella sticks and a really delicious authentic-tasting pizza.  It was so nice to sit out on the little patio and enjoy what felt like a hot summer day.  Time flew by, and soon it was time to line up to get into the venue.  It was general admission, so no assigned seating, and usually I’d be all uptight about lining up early to get a good seat but we took the approach of just going with the flow and got in line just a few minutes before the doors opened.  It’s a fairly small venue so I don’t think there would be a bad seat in the house, and we ended up really happy being 3rd row center behind the standing room only area.  At times there were some people I may have cursed for their height in the standing area in front of us, but for the most part we had an awesome view, and during their encore performance (which lasted a decent length of time, thank goodness) we stood.  Basically as soon as they started singing Red Hands, which is my favourite song of theirs, we stood up and grooved to the music! 

The energy was incredible, and I can’t get over how positive it was.  I have generally always listened to music more along the lines of Matthew Good, whose voice I feel could never be beat by anyone, but it’s dark (the content of the songs, I mean) and I don’t quite identify with the negativity of it the way I may have when I had more angst in my younger years!  I still love Matthew Good and other bands like his, but Walk Off the Earth is so upbeat and happy and there’s something to be said about seeing a band like that live.  I’d definitely see them again if I could.  Literally the only complaint of the night was that their set wasn’t long enough, but that’s just me selfishly wishing the concert could have gone on for hours more.  In reality, they played for just about an hour and a half (not including the opening band, Scott Helman I think his name was, who was good, too).

We took transit so we could both enjoy some drinks, which was awesome since we could just hop on the bus to come home and not have to think about driving.  We didn’t get home till midnight, and my aunt and uncle (who looked after the kids for us) didn’t leave till 12:30!  That’s crazy late for us, especially James since he often goes to bed not long after the band actually started playing!!  I started feeling really sick around that time, as I’d had quite a few drinks and no water since dinner, but I downed 4 tall glasses of water before I went to bed, which felt gross at the time but I honestly think that (and a couple of Advil!) are what saved me!  We had my nana and aunt coming over from the island yesterday morning so neither of us could afford to be unwell, but it worked out that other than being a little more tired than usual maybe, we were both fine.

Yesterday we took my nana and aunt to Ikea and I got a few organizational things for Andrew’s closet, which I spent a bit of time this morning working on.  James took the kids out for breakfast to see the mil (who I haven’t spoken to since Christmas…) so I’ve had the morning to myself, which is amazing.  I was planning on sleeping in but of course I woke up before 8am and couldn’t fall back asleep because I’m not used to getting up much later than that ever, so I made the most of it and got up, showered, got ready for the day, sat outside and sipped my coffee (can’t remember the last time that ever happened?!) and just listened to the birds chirping in the trees.  Then I decided to be productive and did a lot of work on Andrew’s closet, so there won’t be quite as much for him to help me with later (and since he hoards things like cardboard boxes I was able to get rid of some things I don’t feel he needs that just create clutter that I know he wouldn’t part with if given the choice!)  

It’s nice to just sit and do some writing and feel relaxed.  I don’t remember the last time I was home by myself, and I think it has only happened maybe 3 times (maybe, maybe not even that many times, seriously!) in the 2.5 years that we’ve lived here!

What a great weekend.  James and I REALLY needed our Friday night, it was so great to just connect as a couple and do something we wouldn’t normally get the chance to do.  Best birthday gift I ever got him!!!


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