Say goodbye to the trees...

As we pulled into our subdivision last Friday morning I noticed that a chipper and other large-scale garden maintenance-type vehicles were pulled up around the complex next to us.  I didn’t think much of it, as we’ve had a lot of trees taken down lately.  I didn’t think much of it mostly because I was certain whatever was happening wouldn’t affect us directly, since everything in and around us has been done recently, so I just figured we were ‘in the clear.’  Well, we’re in the clear alright...As in, the complex right beside us was all but completely clear cut, and we basically lost ALL the privacy we once had.

Previous to this hack job, we had almost COMPLETE privacy in our backyard.  There was basically one tiny spot where people in that complex could see our yard, but it was so hidden that it’s unlikely anyone ever even looked through there.  Now, we are in full view of all the homes across from us, as they are to us.  If I’m sitting on our couch in the living room, people across the way can see me.  And I am NOT happy about it AT ALL.  We had our own little private oasis, and we went from that to being completely on display.  I was so shocked by it, too, because we had no warning that it was going to happen.  One of Andrew’s classmates lives literally right across from us and I was talking to his mom and she said that they didn’t get any warning either, and it was right outside their front door that the work was taking place.  It’s CRAZY.  I get wanting to clean things up and maybe clear out a bit of what was overgrown, but not to the point of clearcutting and basically making it so it will be at least 20 years before people have privacy again!  I’m still really upset about it.  I know I’ll get used to it, we don’t have a choice, but I feel really sad when I think about it.  (They did at least keep the one pretty tree that's directly across from us, so we still have that to enjoy, but it doesn't give us the privacy I want back, unfortunately).

This happened in the morning, and in the afternoon my dad was coming over to build our deck extension.  I was so excited about the deck but then with all the other changes I was feeling like we shouldn’t be sinking more money into this rental when taking all our privacy away kind of made me want to pick up and move!  But I thought about it and while I’m not happy about the changes, I also don’t see where we’d move to that we could afford and have the amount of space that we do, and for the most part we really love it here.  So my dad went ahead and extended the deck and it’s amazing what it does for our yard!  It feels so much more functional now.  There’s still a lot of work to be done to level out the dirt and add some wood chips and other things we’re thinking about around the deck, but it’s getting there, and once it’s all done it’s going to be such an awesome outdoor space.  I look forward to all the time we’ll be able to spend out there throughout the rest of the spring and summer - even if we are in plain sight of the neighbourhood! :S


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