Our 'new' backyard

I’m sitting out on the deck in our backyard, admiring all we’ve done this week to update it.  I got rid of all the moss, dug out and sawed off the roots that were sticking up too far from the bush we removed, and leveled out the dirt as best as I could.  I didn’t level it out quite as well as I’d have hoped, but I did a pretty good job, and it’s 100% better than it was when I first started.  It’s a lot of work, and if I had more time I could do so much more, but I’m really happy with it anyway.  We got a 6ft by 7.5ft artificial grass rug from Home Depot, and laid that down where the moss used to be (we don’t get enough sun to properly grow grass in the back, and as well there’s been that problem throughout the lower mainland with grubs that raccoons dig through grass to get to.  I found a lot of them as I was digging up the dirt, so I’m glad we decided not to try growing real grass!)  The rug looks quite real, and feels like real grass on bare feet, which I find really cool.  After laying out the one rug, we decided we had to get another one.  I was going to put foam mats or another outdoor rug beside it, but it looked totally scabbed together and not how I envisioned the ‘new’ yard to look.  James agreed that the other grass rug was needed, so I went back to the store before he changed his mind (lol!)  I got the underlay put down (to avoid weeds but also so not quite as many gross bugs would be right underneath the rug) and the rugs on top and it looks AMAZING.  

Obviously if we owned our home I would have wanted to do things a little differently, but for the space we have this works great.  And the kids LOVE it.  I set up all their plastic climbers and slides up in one corner so it’s like a little jungle gym for them, and they went crazy playing on everything.  Every time we went inside they’d request going back out into the yard, and we ended up spending most of the afternoon and early evening outside.  I still want to make a few changes here and there but it’s looking so much better.  I’m requesting we get management to build us a fence, which I think will really help to finish off the look.

It’s so nice to know we have this great space outside for the kids to play, and for James and I to relax.  I’m still getting used to the fact that we have no privacy, but for the most part I’m just pretending we still have it.  We say hi to the neighbours across the way that we know when we see them, but beyond that it’s not the biggest deal ever.  I’d prefer privacy, but it is what it is.  And we’ve got the awesomest looking yard on the block, (if I do say so myself, but seriously, most people don’t do much with their yards around here!) so I guess we may as well show it off!


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