I'm such a lucky mom!

I had a really lovely Mother’s Day this year.  I could have slept in but for some reason I woke up at 8am and couldn’t fall back asleep.  When I got up I was greeted at the bottom of the stairs by a big ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’ and kisses from Andrew, and then from the girls as well.  They were eager for me to open my cards that they made me (Inside Andrew’s he wrote, ‘Thank you for loving me so much, I love you!’ and I thought that was SO sweet!), and Andrew also had made me a little basket and a really pretty bracelet at school.  He chose blue, yellow, and green for the beads, with the green ones being stars, and in the middle is a big pearl bead.  It’s so cute, and I love that he chose a colour scheme based on what he knows I like (particularly blue).  From everyone I got a Japanese Maple tree that we’re going to put in a big pot in the backyard.

James made us all ‘Eggy Soldiers’ for breakfast (soft boiled eggs with toast) and after we had that we got ready and took the kids to the Burnaby Village Museum.  I thought it would have been really busy but it seemed like there was hardly anyone there at all.  We went around and looked in a lot of the storefronts and it felt like we were experiencing it for the first time, even though we’ve been there lots of times (although the girls were never big enough to do all that they did there yesterday!)  We went to the little restaurant there and shared a veggie burger, fries, and some mac n’ cheese for the kids (although the portion was so ridiculously small that they barely got any shared three ways).  We followed that with ice cream, which the kids (especially Andrew) were so excited about.  Andrew chose a mint chocolate chip cone, James got pralines and cream, and for the girls I got a scoop of bubble gum ice cream, and a scoop of cookies and cream so we could share.  I thought a cone would have been a bit messy for them, but Margaret was so upset that I hadn’t got her a cone so she ended up eating a lot of James’!  Emily just sat nicely and worked on her blue ice cream, which she seemed to enjoy a lot.

From there we went to the carousel, which is usually crazy busy but we were basically the only ones in line.  It was Margaret and Emily’s first ever time on the carousel - or any carousel for that matter!  And Andrew’s first time riding all on his own, since James and I had to hold onto the girls.  Our prediction was that Margaret would love it, but that Emily would either love it or hate it.  It turned out that Emily LOVED it...As James put it, the whole entire outing was made just by the huge grin Emily had as soon as the ride started!  It was the sweetest thing!  Margaret on the other hand appeared terrified, clutching onto the pole and also holding her face to it, as if letting go would send her flying right off the horse.  It turns out she actually loved it, and got more comfortable with it as the ride went on, but it was funny how our prediction was so inaccurate!  As soon as the ride stopped Margaret started bawling because she wanted to go on again, and didn’t understand that even if you want to ride again, you have to line up again.  I bought ‘the baker’s dozen’ coin bag so we decided they could each go on a second time, and we’ll save the rest for the next time we go.  (Late last night Margaret woke up and started talking to me about ‘the big horsie ride’ and how it went up and up and up and she wanted to go back tomorrow!  So I’d definitely say it was a big hit!)

After BVM we came home and Andrew desperately wanted mommy/son time while the girls napped, so I was going to take him to a park a little ways away from our house but we ended up hitting up a garage sale instead.  I got him a few toys - a Darth Vader mask, and a figurine of Wolverine and one of Lego Hulk.  Then I scored him a bunch of clothes, and normally I never buy clothes at a garage sale but he picked out a whole bunch of things he liked and I got it all for less than what one of the pairs of pants would have cost new, AND the pants happened to be Andrew’s exact size AND brand new with tags!  So it felt like an amazing deal.  We drove home and then walked over to the little park near our house and Andrew played there for a while, and then we went for a bit of a walk around the neighbourhood and came home.

After a while I woke James up since he was napping while the girls slept, and my plan was to take a nap, but a neighbour from a few doors down decided at that moment to get a bunch of power tools out and start working in his carport.  I was pretty ticked off.  I wasn’t able to rest, but was too tired by that point to really do anything.  So I just lounged around for a bit while James took the kids to another park and picked up some Thai food for our dinner (I got to request whatever I wanted for my Mother’s Day dinner, and not surprisingly I chose Thai!)

We had our yummy dinner and then Andrew and I went over to my parents’ house so we could give my mom her prezzies and see her for a Mother’s Day visit.  We ended up staying there till 9pm, which is half an hour past Andrew’s bed time and on a school night, so basically as soon as we got home he was off to beddy byes, and James and I watched some more of a movie we started the other night.

It wasn’t the most relaxing day in the sense that I didn’t really have much free time, but it didn’t bother me because I really enjoyed the family time that we had, and having some one on one time with Andrew.  It was warm, cloudy but with some sun mixed in, and all in all a perfect Mother’s Day.  I’m such a lucky mom to have the 3 beautiful children that I do!


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