If only I could capture ALL the moments...

I wish I could capture every moment of the kids’ lives.  Well, maybe not every moment, but all the cute and funny, adorable and silly ones, of which there are many.

Emily really shies away from the camera, especially if she thinks I’m taking a video.  She gets super whiny and says, ‘No, NOOO!’ and runs and hides behind something till I put my phone down.  LOL  But what she doesn’t realize is that she says some of the CUTEST THINGS EVER and in her little girl voice, and ‘accent’ that 'new' talkers have, and I want to capture that and keep it forever.  I know how hard it has been at times to hear Andrew say a word properly that he always had ‘his’ way of saying when he was a baby, I hate to think I’m losing those cute little them-isms over time.

(A few of Andrew’s that I can recall:  he used to say ‘montnay’ for monster, and ‘sketatin’ for skeleton.  The first time I heard him say skeleton properly I actually corrected him and told him to say it the other way...I did explain it to him, that ‘skeleton’ was right, but that it was just so much cuter when he said it his way!)

I love how the girls still ask for their ‘juicy cup’ when they’re thirsty.  When I tuck them into bed for their nap or bedtime, Margaret will always ask me, ‘You read me a dory?’  which of course is her word for story.  Emily pronunciates more clearly than Margaret, but has a little lisp so she’ll say, ‘Yeth’ for yes and so on.  Not in a major way, it’s definitely in a way that lots of little kids have and eventually outgrow, but it’s SO CUTE!  Water is wadoh, spaghetti is sghetti, milk is meeowk (which neither of them seem to like drinking...especially Margaret.  They like to blow bubbles in a cup of milk but they aren’t super interested in drinking it at all, which is interesting after having their babas (bottles) till they were over 2 years old!  We buy so little milk now, it’s amazing.  Andrew loves it, and I use it in tea, coffee, and baking, but that’s about it. (Oh, they do like a little in their mush, which is a favourite breakfast before school, especially if it has apples in it!)

When Margaret is excited about something, or really likes something, she will kiss it.  I gave her a muffin this morning and she kissed it several times before taking a bite.  The cutest thing is when she’s sitting beside me and just randomly leans over and gives me a kiss on the cheek.  Sometimes she’ll just out of the blue say, ‘I love you!’ and when I tuck her into bed she’ll sometimes add, ‘I miss you’ because she knows she won’t see me again till morning.  Emily loves to say, ‘I love you, Mommy!’ followed with one of her sweetest smiles.  Andrew still tells me he loves me a lot, too, and is still a very cuddly boy.  It will be a sad day when he no longer cuddles up, but I think it’s still a ways off yet before that happens!

Something I like about Andrew’s age is that he’s getting into more movies that are fun to watch together.  I like sitting down with him in the evening once in a while after the girls have gone to bed and put on a movie neither of us has seen before.  Last week we watched Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler and we enjoyed that, and we’re halfway through Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer, which of course is ridiculous but it’s fun to watch.  I like stuff like that, and it’s fun to have an excuse to get into it because I likely wouldn’t have watched those if I didn’t have a child to experience them with!

Andrew has been resisting working hard at his printing, which they’ve been doing a lot more of at school lately in preparation for grade one.  It’s not that he can’t do it, as his teacher even said she KNOWS he can, he just doesn’t feel compelled to put in the effort.  And I’ll be honest, I was the same way as a kid, and James tells me he wasn’t any different, either.  So he comes by it honestly!  But I also know it’s important that he learns how to print properly and I’d like to see him do it well, so I’ve got him a notebook for making an at-home journal, with the extra dotted lines for new-writers.  I’m enjoying sitting down with him and having him write out a few sentences and then draw a picture to go with it at the top.  I’ll have to dig out my old grade one journals sometime and show them to him!

All 3 kids are really into Lego, especially Duplo for the girls but Andrew likes both Duplo and ‘real’ Lego.  The girls also enjoy their Playmobil doll house.  It’s really cute watching them play.  Their current favourite books are all the In the Night Garden books we have.  They also love a few Care Bears books, and the nursery rhyme ones.  Also one called Dollhouse that’s a lift-the-flap book.  Andrew enjoys any and all books, but we especially love the ones by Shel Silverstein.  Call me crazy but I get teary eyed every time I get to the end of The Giving Tree!

The kids also love playdough, playing outside on their slide, having tubbies, and doing puzzles.  The girls are OBSESSED with Katy Perry, particularly ‘Tig-oh on fi-oh’ which is what Margaret calls Roar (because she thinks it’s called Tiger on Fire!)  They also love Dark Horse, and laugh at the end of the video when the dog has a man’s face.  Of course Uptown Funk with Bruno Mars is another huge hit that they love to dance too.  Andrew does some pretty crazy breakdancing moves and cartwheels when that song comes on!

All 3 kids just have such a SPARK for life and they all bring something amazing yet completely different to our family.  I love them all so much!  I’m so lucky that they’re mine.


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