Fun hanging out with my girls

We’re finally all healthy again.  After Emily’s sudden bout of sickness, James ended up feeling really unwell for several days.  Then Emily had a bit of a relapse.  But we were all healthy in time for the weekend, which was good because my grandma was over visiting from the island.  

On Monday I felt so productive.  I don’t know exactly what caused it, but I had a sudden burst of energy in the morning (which NEVER happens) so I put it to good use and got some organizational stuff done that has been bugging me for a long time.  I did more in the evening, and managed to not only get my closet in a much better state, but I got all our summer stuff out from the hall closet and revamped it all and have a bunch of things to get rid of to goodwill.  I’m one of those people with good intentions, who loves to have things organized but has a hard time actually keeping it that way.  I really want to work on properly organizing things (not getting part way there and then deciding I’ll finish it later but then not get around to it for months or more…) and then actually maintaining it.  That’s my goal!  I HAVE to get rid of more stuff and feel like we’re living more simply.

Yesterday morning I kind of felt the opposite - not productive at all.  I knew if we went home after dropping Andrew off at school, I’d feel compelled to get more done, but I reeeally didn’t feel like it.  So the girls and I went to Superstore (we almost never go there) and got a few things, including a box of Pull-ups to try to encourage them getting away from diapers and work on potty training FULLY, once and for all.  They didn’t want to go home after we left there so we drove over to Toys R Us and I let them run around and play outside where they have all the playhouses and slides and things fenced off.  They LOVED it!  They ran from house to house and giggled as they took turns knocking on the doors and asking to come in.  They tried out all the climbers, and I realized how truly big they are getting already because they were pretty much beyond all the climbers they had there!  But they had fun exploring, and then I told them we were going into a giant toy store...but not to buy anything, just to have some fun looking around.  They were amazing about it.  They oohed and aahed and played with toys and pointed at all the characters they love.  A few things they’d pick off the shelf and say, ‘I’m takin’ this one!’ but when I said we couldn’t buy it they were really good about putting it back without complaining.  I would have bought them some little things for a dollar if they had super cheap stuff but Toys R Us is so expensive, especially when you have to buy two or more things, so I told them I couldn’t get them anything but I’d give them a treat in the car.  A Yop each and a small piece of licorice and they were totally content!  I was so happy with their behaviour.  I also love being able to take them to stores now and not need a stroller and feel confident that they’re not going to wreak havoc!

Today we had a play date with some friends who live nearby, whose kids are 4 and 10 months.  Andrew’s at school of course, but the girls and her boy and girl got along so well together.  It’s so nice.  I’ve had it where playdates don’t go super smoothly before because some of the kids don’t quite jive, but we knew it was successful when all the kids got along (Margaret would even go up to the baby and gently pat her head and hug her, it was really cute!) AND we managed to have some adult conversation without too much interruption!!  You can’t ask for, nor expect, anything better than that!

Time for a nap while the girls take theirs...It’s the only way I’ll survive the craziness of after school!  As much as I have to do throughout the morning and early afternoon each day, from 3-6pm is the witching hours, and if today goes anything at all like yesterday in that time frame...well, let’s just say I am going to need my strength!!


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