Fun at the school fair

I did end up making it to the gym last Friday, but it’s Tuesday and I haven’t been since...and ‘the curse’ is due to start basically any time now so there’s a chance I won’t get there at all this week...I’ll still try to go while I have it, but it’s usually bad enough ‘just’ dealing with that, let alone the virus I’m still dealing with.  I am still completely stuffed up, feel flu-like symptoms, and have a really raw throat.  It’s not sore unless I’m eating something, basically anything that hits it feels like it’s on fire.  So frustrating, this has been going on far too long.  I hate how long viruses seem to last these days, I swear ‘back in the day’ a cold was pretty much always the same and it only lasted a couple of days and then I’d be good as new.  Of course, that’s probably why the kids never seem as phased by it as we adults do, it just doesn’t affect them quite the same way.

Even though we all had colds, James and I still took Andrew to the big school fair last Saturday.  Not at Andrew’s school, but a private school in Vancouver.  It’s huge and this is the 3rd time we’ve gone to it.  The weather hadn’t been all that great leading up to it but the day of, it’s like the clouds parted as we were driving there and it was a perfectly beautiful sunny day!  It really couldn’t have been better (well, except health-wise!)  

Andrew played all the Midway games first, like bean bag toss, balloon darts, basketball, etc. where he collected up 12 little prizes.  Then we went up to the field to sit and eat our lunch (we brought Subway because it’s easier than waiting in the line ups for the food provided!) and just as we got there literally the ONLY picnic table freed up so we scored that.  Just across from it there was a booth set up for balloon animals/sculptures and Andrew was desperate to get one so after he ate we watched him go over and get one.  A little boy before him got a Yoda one that was amazing, I didn’t think it would be possible to top that, but Andrew asked for Hulk and I swear I have never seen a balloon made into the Hulk before!  It was incredible - LOL - I seriously started writing the word incredible before I realized it was the ‘INCREDIBLE Hulk’, haha!  Anyway, it truly lived up to its name, and the woman who was making them was half looking at what she was doing and half just looking around at the fair, which amazed me because it’s almost as if she could make it in her sleep, yet there were so many details to it.  

Andrew went on a few of the bouncy castles and then decided he REALLY wanted to do this one where you’re playing basketball but you’re tethered to someone else and you’re both pulling each other to get to your basket.  Andrew didn’t have anyone who could play with him, so when he realized he couldn’t do it he started bawling, and all we could do was console him and suggest checking out one of the other fun things to do.  One of the kids who goes to the school, I’m guessing he’d be around 13 or so, came over and said he would play with Andrew.  I was so impressed with that, and it really meant a lot, because instead of playing with one of his friends as he’d planned, he gave that up to be able to play with Andrew.  It totally made Andrew’s day AND he just happened to win, as well, so he was so excited by the whole thing.  He even went up to the kid after and shook his hand and said thank you!  That was a highlight of the day for me.  It made me think how that’s the kind of kid I want Andrew to be when he’s that age.

We went inside the school and checked out a few of the rooms to see what they had, and then went to the toy tent, which is basically like a garage sale of just toys.  We got a few $1 big ziploc bags to fill with toys, as well as a bunch of other things, and spent a total of $13 and got a whole bunch of loot.  It was a lot of fun picking stuff out, and then seeing the girls’ faces when we brought it home to show them!  We got a cool castle toy that all 3 of the kids seem to love, and some little Minnie and Mickey plastic toys for the girls, and a whole bunch of figurines, some games.  Actually now that I think about it, we had lunch, then got the toys then went back to the field to do the bouncy castle games, but I guess it doesn’t matter that much what order we did it all in, anyway.

Just before we left Andrew and I did the Cake Walk and each won a chocolate cupcake, which was SO delicious, possibly the best cupcake I've ever eaten!

Andrew was really well behaved the whole time we were there, and James and I enjoyed having some time just with him.  We left the girls at home with my parents, because we didn’t think there’d be enough there at their age to make it worthwhile to take them.  It would have been so much work trying to keep them (especially Margaret) where we wanted them to be, and that would have taken away from Andrew’s enjoyment.  We’ll definitely take them next time we go, though.  It won’t be long before they’re big enough for all the games, too!


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