Emily's night of sickness

On Sunday we took the kids to a nearby park and spent a few hours playing and having a picnic.  They absolutely loved it, and it was so nice to be spending quality family time outside.  It felt like summer!  When we got home we spent more time in the yard, and then got all the kids down for the night.  We figured they’d sleep well after all that outside time, so we figured we’d enjoy some time sitting out in the lounge chairs in the backyard.  James brought me a red wine and himself a Scotch, and we just started chatting when we heard Emily sobbing upstairs.  It’s not like her to start crying out of the blue like that, but we didn’t think too much of it since she hadn’t been in bed long and we knew they likely hadn’t fallen asleep yet.  When James went upstairs I knew pretty quickly that something was up, and it turned out she had thrown up - massively - all over her bed, herself, the floor, you name it she had barfed all over it.  It was all in her hair and all down her body, so James got her into the bathtub while I changed her bedding and did the best I could to clean it off the carpet.  It took a while to get her settled, and she wanted cuddles so James stayed with her for a while before she seemed comfortable in bed again.  We had our fingers crossed that that would be it - a one-time fluke-barf.  We get a lot of colds, and I get flu-like symptoms with a lot of the viruses I seem to get, but rarely does anyone in our house actually throw up (even myself - I used to throw up relatively frequently but it’s a pretty rare occurrence these days!)  

Our chance to sit outside had come and gone, as there was suddenly a freak storm.  When we were sitting outside for those 2.5 seconds, it seemed slightly cool out but there didn’t seem to be any sign of rain on the immediate horizon.  But within 5 minutes of going inside to help Emily, it started to pour with rain.  We sat on the couch, hoping to resume our time together with our drinks, when Emily started crying again and we raced upstairs to find that she’d thrown up all over herself again, as well as another section of the carpet in their room, and one of their toddler chairs.  After another bath and me scrubbing at the floor, all she wanted was to cuddle, so I stayed with her and sat with her in my arms on the floor.  All the while Margaret was up, chattering away to us, talking about how ‘Emmy’ was sick.  James brought us a bucket so she could use that if she needed it, and we’d covered a lot of the floor so there wouldn’t be any more barf on it (I will be shampooing their room as soon as I get the chance!)  But after a while I didn’t see either of them going to sleep, so I suggested we go down to the couch and watch Beauty and the Beast and try to go to sleep.  Margaret said, ‘I go, too?!’ and I couldn’t say no!  It’s not a usual occurrence and I knew she wouldn’t just go to sleep knowing we were downstairs watching a movie.  So off we went to the couch (Margaret helped me carry the bucket and Emily's water).  My dad brought over ginger ale and popsicles for when Emily would feel up to having something to hydrate, as by that time she’d thrown up another couple of times.  (Margaret would pull her head toward the bucket and Emily would tell her, ‘No Mahgwet!’  It was pretty cute watching her help, in her own way, to look out for her sister).  

Emily just laid on me, pretty much unable to do anything. She didn't even watch the movie, she had her head turned away from it and didn't have the energy to move.  We gave her some infant gravol eventually, thinking it might stave off the nausea and help her sleep (she’d never had it before but we thought we’d try it out).  She threw up about 10 minutes after having it, but we thought she might still absorb enough for it to do something.  I think in the end it may have made her drowsy, as while she continued to throw up through the night there were times when she would wobble all over the place and I’d have to hold her over the bucket so she wouldn’t miss it.

Around 11:30 I decided Margaret had better get to bed.  She was starting to get a bit tantrumy, but leading up to that moment she was a livewire and truthfully I think she was LOVING being up so late.  She was pointing at the TV and telling me what was going to happen next in the movie at every scene, and she was very animated!  James got her up to bed and then I got Emily settled on the couch so she was laying on the chaise part, so I’d be able to eventually lay down on the other part to sleep.  There was no way I was going to put her back in her bed and risk her throwing up all over herself again, and I couldn’t in all good conscience go to bed knowing she could get sick again.  Which was a good call, because from the time James went to bed at midnight and got up just before 6am, she threw up 11 more times.

I felt SO bad for my baby girl!  She’s never sick and it was just so hard to watch her go through that and be helpless to do much, other than clean out the bucket, change the towels around her, and make sure she was warm under a blanket.  The strange thing is that she didn’t ever have a fever, in fact she actually felt quite cold to the touch.  James said he thought maybe she had food poisoning, but I’m not convinced given that she didn’t eat anything that the rest of us didn’t eat the entire day.

At 6 I went up to bed and James took over, and she seemed to be on the mend after that.  Oh, but one cute thing was that around 4am I gave her a popsicle and 2 sips of ginger ale, and while she was eating the popsicle she looked around and said, ‘Where’s Mahgwet?’  I told her we’d put her to bed because she was so tired and needed to sleep and she just nodded and whispered, ‘OK.’  Apparently when Margaret got up at around 7 (a sleep in for her, for sure, so going to bed late did mean sleeping later at least!) the first thing she said was, ‘Where’s Emmy?!’  Emily woke up then, and pretty much seemed back to her normal self.  It’s taken her a while to start eating more again, but it’s as if that never happened.

It was a very long night, though, and I basically had a total of 3 hours sleep, not all in a row, which I didn’t find to be enough to get me through the day.  I went out shopping for a little while in the afternoon, but by early evening I was starting to feel quite sick and was getting worried I was coming down with whatever she had by how nauseous I was getting.  I think I was just way over tired, though, because when I woke up this morning I felt fine.

It’s a mystery as to what it was, because none of the rest of us got sick, which seems odd if it was something catchy.  But at least it’s over and done with, and hopefully we won’t have to go through anything like that again for a really long time!


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