Springtime adventures

FINALLY it has warmed up around here.  The weather has been such a tease lately, because it has appeared to be bright and sunny but as soon as you stepped outside you’d realize it was too cold to stay out in for any length of time.  But as of the past few days it has basically been my ideal, perfect temperature.  Not too hot, not too cold, juuuust right!

Instead of continuing the pattern of our usual weekend rut, after breakfast on Saturday morning we got the kids packed up and off we went for a little hike along a trail James and I used to frequent when we lived in Burnaby pre-kids.  It’s not that far from where we live now, but given that we lived in that area for 7 years it still really feels like home whenever we go there.  I love it.  It was so nice to take all 3 kids on an adventure without bothering with the giant double stroller.  We could all walk, and occasionally the girls went on our shoulders but for the most part they liked the independence and wanted to roam free.  We also went to a nearby elementary school and they played on the playground for a while, and then we wandered up to our old apartment to the little store, and got the kids and ice cream treat.  Andrew got a drumstick and the girls got a banana flavoured popsicle.  Emily ate hers in no time flat (but cried at the end and had to spit the last bite out because she suffered an intense brain freeze from it LOL).  Andrew was wearing his on the sleeve of his jacket and had it ALL over his mouth...And Margaret looked like she’d only had one lick of hers and yet she still seemed to be completely saturated in syrup.  That pretty much sums up their personalities right there!

It was SO nice to be out enjoying the sun, even taking our sweaters off because it was nice enough not to need them.  The kids loved the adventure, and it was a treat for James and I to occasionally get to walk hand in hand, watching the kids run along and enjoy themselves.  It was a lot of work, too, obviously, and we wouldn’t ever let them go too far astray, but it’s amazing how much ‘easier’ things are now that the girls are a year older.  I find the same thing for when they’re playing in the backyard, it’s SO much less complicated than it was a year ago!

Yesterday (Sunday) was James’ 36th birthday.  I got up close to the same time I get up on weekdays so he could have a few hours to himself in the morning, and when it was time for the girls to go for their nap I was able to go to the gym for a quick circuit.  When I got home I had enough time to get the party food put together while James took his bike in to the shop, and before the girls woke up.  They got up just in time for me to change them into pretty dresses, (and Andrew had actually dressed himself, choosing his new shorts and blue camouflage sleeveless shirt from Osh Kosh!) before my parents arrived.  We weren’t having anyone else over as Andrew and Margaret have had colds, although amazingly, despite Margaret having quite a time with it for a few days, none of the rest of us got it and they seemed to clear up relatively quickly.  Margaret still has a bit of a sniffle but barely and Andrew seems pretty much fine, so it wasn’t the aggressive bug that tends to go through the house when a sniffle starts.  

We sat out on the back deck for a while, had lots of nibblies, and a delicious cake, and when all was said and done I ended up needing a bit of a nap!  I was so wiped, it felt like a really long day, but James really enjoyed it so I was happy about that.  He said something really sweet to me, that despite sometimes sounding like our lives are so exhausting and at this point seldom entirely relaxing, at the end of the day there is no one he would rather be with than us.  The way he said it was so heartfelt and sweet, I can’t do it justice.  Obviously it’s something I already knew, but hearing it in that moment and just the way he said it, it really meant a lot to me.

For his birthday the kids got him a new spring jacket, and I got him a little assortment of booze and some tickets for an upcoming concert that I’m really excited about, and that he reacted to exactly as I’d hoped he would!  The kids all made him cards, and Andrew’s was more of a book, titled ‘Darth Vader and Droids.’  It was his spin on the Darth Vader and Son book, because James has a collection of those that the kids have given him over the past few years.

We’ve been spending a lot of time out in the backyard, and I can’t wait because tomorrow my dad is removing a really unsightly shrub that I’ve wanted out of the yard since we moved here.  We got permission today from management, and once that thing is gone we’ll have so much more space in the yard.  We’ve got some plans for a deck extension and a few other updates and once it’s all done, it’s going to be a perfect space for the kids.  It’s so nice to be able to just go out there and sip a cup of tea or coffee (or better yet, a glass of wine, ha!) and watch the kids play.  They still have their moments of fighting or falling or whatever but they mostly play quite well together.  Especially the girls.  Andrew’s been better with them lately, I think because they’re getting more fun to him since he can have little conversations with them now and they can do more, but the girls are really so good with each other.  I’ve heard from quite a few people that their twins DO NOT get along and that would make things SO much more complicated than they are already just by the nature of having two the same age.  I feel so lucky to have twins that only have the occasional spat.  They’re very different and definitely take a different approach to most of what they do, but there’s nothing like the sound of their giggles and downright hysterical laughter when they’re playing a game together!  They love each other and when it comes down to it, look out for one another. I also find it so impressive, since usually 2.5 year olds don’t ‘really’ play with other kids, they’re more just playing around each other.  But since twins are used to being together since day one, they learn to play WITH each other so much earlier.  It’s the cutest thing ever!

Today after dropping Andrew off at school I really didn’t want to just do our usual of coming home and staying in, so we just came home to use the bathroom and got a few snacks together and then we headed out to the park that’s within walking distance.  We stayed there for a while and then went for a walk through some nearby neighbourhoods before heading back to ours.  It was so nice to be out with the girls, and again not needing to bring the big stroller with us.  We’ll still need it from time to time but I love not relying on it like we used to have to.  And it feels so good to know the girls are getting out and having more little adventures, since it has always been such a challenge to do much on my own with them in the past.  

Oh and for the record, Andrew lost his fourth tooth today! It was his right upper front tooth. It became the biggest tooth I'd ever seen before it came out, it was ridiculous. It somehow managed to gravitate toward the center of the gap, since he'd already lost the left one a few weeks ago, so it was like this giant chicklet in the middle of his mouth, and it would hang down below his lip and flap around when he talked. LOL It got to the point where it was literally hanging off by one little corner and I couldn't take it anymore, so after tying string around it and pulling on it a bit, using a toothpick to coax it out, and finally me wrapping a kleenex on it and giving it one finally yank, it came out. Andrew wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy asking what she does with all the teeth, and her reply is that she promises that she keeps them safe, but that beyond that he has to leave the rest to his imagination =)


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