It's Easter craft time

From this morning (Saturday Apr 4, the day before Easter).

Emily:  I want a princess cup, too.
Me:  We only have one right now, and Margaret has it.  The other one broke.
Emily:  Yeah, the other one bwoke.
Me:  You can share that one with Margaret.
Emily:  Yeah, I share with Mahgwet.
Me to Andrew:  Emily is such a sweetheart!
Emily:  YES MY AM!

Had to be there, but, so cuuuute!!  :D

On Thursday after school the kids decorated our Easter tree.  I want to make it an annual tradition - this was the first year of it.  I got the little tree from Target after my aunt and nana brought us an adorable set of mini Easter decorations when they came to visit several weeks ago.  

I realized once I had the kids all geared up for the activity that it wouldn’t take very long as between the 3 of them there wouldn’t be that many decorations to put on.  But they shared nicely, didn’t fight over who got to put what ornaments on, and they all seemed pleased with the end result.  Andrew had made a baby chick out of felt and pipe cleaners at school, so we stood that beside the tree.  He was proud of the fact that of all the chicks the kids made, his was the only one that would stand up!

Yesterday I had planned for the kids to decorate Easter eggs, but we didn’t quite get that far.  I got some eggs hard boiled, and managed to dye a few, but had to get more eggs before we could continue.  Instead, I had Andrew decorate some styrofoam eggs while the girls napped.  Or should I say while the girls did everything in their power to NOT nap and successfully managed to not nap AT ALL (and as a result became complete WRECKS by dinner time, but anyway…!!)

It turns out styrofoam eggs don’t dye, and also don’t decorate all that well, at least not with what we had on hand, so I doubt I’d go that route again…

But I had, at the dollar store of course, purchased a carton of 12 styrofoam eggs that are already coloured and have some glitter on them.  I just bought them for fun, not really knowing what we’d do with them but knowing the kids would like them.  Andrew asked if while the girls napped (or, spent time in their room but not napping, as it happened) we could take turns hiding them in the living room and finding them.  At first I didn’t like the idea because I thought maybe it would take away from Mr Bunny coming on Sunday with eggs for the kids to hunt for, but then I decided, let’s do it anyway!  And it turned out to be so much fun.  Andrew LOVED it and after almost TWO HOURS he was still loving it.  I gave up on getting the girls to nap and they joined in the fun and it was definitely a really easy/fun way to get them running around and playing happily.

James and I got a gift card to Earl's for Christmas so my parents looked after the kids in the evening while James and I went out for dinner. I had the herbivore burger, made with a falafel patty and it was DELICIOUS. James got a watermelon pina colada drink and had some issues with the straw but enjoyed the beverage. He's so funny with his drinks, he always seems to order the most feminine drinks. After dinner it felt like we hadn't been out long at all so we went and picked up a coffee and drove up to SFU to just sit and look out at the city for a while. It was nice to get out just the two of us, but wasn't long enough and I felt a bit sad at how quickly those few hours went by. When our dates are so few and far between, 2.5 hours out together feels like a bit of a gyp. But it was better than nothing!

This morning I went to the gym (I went yesterday, too, for the record since I’ve yet to start recording it I did manage to go 3 times again this week after all!) and then got a few groceries for the Easter dinner we’ll be hosting tomorrow night.  I got more eggs, so hard boiled 6 more and got them dyed.  Then I gave them to the kids to decorate.  Epic fail.  Let’s just say that the stickers didn’t stick, Andrew was upset that the ‘Hawk Eye’ character one couldn’t be kept forever because the egg would go bad, which the realization of resulted in a meltdown and a time out, and Margaret cracked her eggs open because she wanted to just eat them!  So the girls each ate an egg, and Andrew promised to change his attitude and managed to remove the Hawk Eye wrapper from the hard boiled egg and I (thank goodness) successfully transferred it to a styrofoam egg so he can keep it forever now (the little hoarder that he is!)

It didn’t go as smoothly as I thought it would have, but thinking on it later I don’t know what made me think it would go smoothly in the first place?!  Two 2 year olds and a 6 year old...I don’t think anything could ever go smoothly where eggs, dye, and hard-to-peel-off-the-backing stickers are concerned!  But when all was said and done I think they enjoyed it for the most part, and that’s all that matters.

I also cut out paper egg shapes this morning and gave them each a few crayons, some mini pom poms in various pinks and blues, and glue to dip them in.  They all had a lot of fun decorating their paper eggs, I was actually amazed that they were all pretty much SILENT for a good 10 minutes, which is a long time for one activity to captivate, sad but true!  In fact, Margaret stuck with it the longest and really seemed to be absorbed by pasting the pompoms to the egg.  Usually she’d be the first one to lose interest, but she loved this craft for some reason.  When they were all done, Andrew had the great idea to hole-punch the tops of the eggs so we could put some ribbon through and hang them up, so they’re currently a part of our kitchen Easter decor, and they look really festive!

Shortly before the girls’ bed time, Margaret and Andrew were running in opposite directions, accidentally slammed into each other, and each fell backwards.  Unfortunately, Margaret landed on her arm and is having a lot of trouble sleeping because she basically doesn’t want to move it at all.  I think she sprained it.  So that should be interesting...She’s had me up to her room probably 6 times in the past couple of hours.  It’s nearly 1am and James will be taking over once I go to bed...Fingers crossed she does OK.  She’s been doing so much better lately, usually no more than one wake up for James.  Still sometimes several before I go to bed, but that’s not as big a deal to me as through the night.  She’s also been sleeping in slightly later lately, which has also been a plus for James.  I’m hoping she’s miraculously better in the morning for the Easter egg hunt!

Mr Bunny usually comes to our house around 10am or so.  (I love that the Easter bunny comes to our house at a decent hour, and not at the crack of dawn like Santa Claus!!!! So much more civilized).  James takes the kids out and I open the back door enough for Mr Bunny to come in, but I leave the room so I don’t scare him off, and he does his thing hiding the eggs.  This year he’s going to leave them each a bucket of goodies outside their bedrooms, so when the egg hunt downstairs is over they can go upstairs and find another surprise!  They’re going to have so much fun, I can hardly wait.


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