Follow up doctor's appointment

The weather has gone back to being quite cold, and somewhat rainy.  I hope it clears up soon so we can get back to spending time outside.  Our backyard feels like a disaster at the moment and I want to get back to working on it!  My dad cut the bush out from the back of the yard, after we got permission from management, and then the gardener for the complex was kind enough to offer to get rid of all the clippings for us (which was great because it ended up being a bigger job than we had anticipated).  It frees up so much space to have that removed, I love it.  Now we’re working on getting them to build us a fence, which it sounds like might be an actual possibility...If we could have that done before summer I would be SO happy.  I can’t wait till we have everything done and can just be out there admiring how nice it all looks.  It’ll be a while yet, but we’ll get there.

Andrew is at a birthday party right now, for probably his very best friend in his class.  They’ve had a few issues in their friendship over the past few months but they really seem to like each other a lot.  This is the first birthday party Andrew has been to for his own friend that he didn’t meet through a friend of James or myself.  He was so excited to get the invite!  

The cold that Andrew and Margaret had seemed really mild, but it was either slow to really take hold, or they came down with another cold as soon as they finished that one.  Andrew didn’t go to school on Friday.  He’s better today, but still coughing.  Margaret has it really bad, to the point she sounds like a seal when she coughs and her little voice definitely sounds sick when she talks.  Emily inevitably came down with it as well, unfortunately.  So they haven’t been feeling so well for the past few days.  My parents ended up catching it from them, most likely when they looked after the kids on Thursday while I went to a doctor’s appointment.  Because they were already coming down with it, Andrew went for his sleepover at their place last night, so it felt like a big weekend for him between that and the party today!

This morning James woke me up a bit before my alarm to suggest that we get ready and take the girls on a little hike/outing to a park, first stopping at a bakery for a yummy breakfast treat.  In theory it was a great idea, and I wish it could have all gone smoothly, but the reality is that it was way too cold out, and the park was wet so Emily’s pants got soaked and then she was miserable and just wanted to leave - within about 5 minutes of arriving.  Margaret enjoyed playing in a sandbox, though, and I can definitely see us going back on a warmer day just for that!  Instead it was home for a nice warm bubble bath and cuddles on the couch watching The Little Mermaid.

So my doctor’s appointment was on Thursday.  I was following up after getting the ultrasound and bloodwork done both to find out if there’s some reason for my horrible periods since having the twins, as well as to find out if I have allergies/figure out how to deal with some of my food allergies.  When I called literally a month before I got in to see the doctor, the receptionist told me that he had gone over all my test results and everything looked normal so that was that.  But I said I wanted to book a follow up because despite what the tests are saying, I’m still having the same issues and need to figure out how to deal with them.  Good thing I did that, because it turned out the doctor had NOT got the ultrasound results!  As James said, it’s nice to know (sarcastically) that I could have had something awful going on and we wouldn’t have known for months or longer because the doctor never would have looked into getting the test results if I hadn’t gone back.  Our healthcare system really has a lot of faults.  But anyway...he was able to get the results right then because I was able to tell him where I’d gone for the ultrasound.  Without getting into all the details, I don’t have anything serious like cancer thank goodness (which I honestly never suspected would be the case, anyway).  One of my levels for something in the bloodwork was a bit low, which means I DO have some food allergies (which I knew already, obviously) BUT the good news is they are not to the extreme that I would have anaphylactic shock, which is good to know!  He’s referring me to a specialist to get a proper allergy test, and is also referring me to the gynecologist I saw during my twin pregnancy to see what I can do with my ‘women’s issue.’  It has to be a hormonal thing, but I have no idea what can be done about it.  It’s just so debilitating having 2 weeks worth of headaches each month, as well as a lot of cramping, during ovulation as well as my period...I basically, literally, have a few days to a week in an entire MONTH where I don’t notice any of those issues.  So hopefully seeing the gyno will help me figure this out.  I just hope it’s not going to mean having to take pills every day, because I really don’t want to have to go that route if at all possible (although if I think about it, I have to take Advil so often due to the headache and cramp pain, so what’s the difference, really?!) I wouldn't want to have to walk around with all that junk hanging down, but it's got to be so much easier to be a man!!!


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