Thursday, April 02, 2015

Best April Fools' Day ever!

Yesterday was April Fools’ Day and Andrew also happened to be ‘Special Helper’ in his class for the day.  The Special Helper has a special chair they sit in during circle time, and they also are the leader when it comes to certain activities.  Because Andrew’s day fell on a gym day, for example, he got to choose what activity they’d be doing (he chose hula hoops!)  I think it’s a really cute idea, and also nice to give the kids a time where they each have an extra sense of responsibility, and a time to feel, well, special.

Anyway...the Special Helper also gets to bring in something for Show and Tell.  Because it was April Fools’ Day, we decided that Andrew should play a fun little trick on his classmates instead of bringing in a traditional ‘Show and Tell’ item.  We thought of a few ideas but they didn’t seem appropriate for one reason or another.  Then we happened to be reading one of his magazine subscriptions (Highlights, or Chickadee) and it just so happened to have a list of April Fools’ pranks suitable for children to joke their parents (or, in this case, classmates) with!

The one we chose to go with went along perfectly with the fact that Andrew was Special Helper.  He took in a food container and told his class that because he was Special Helper, he wanted to do something nice for everyone, so he’d made some brownies for everyone to enjoy.  As all the kids watched in anticipation of a yummy treat, Andrew opened up the container and lo and behold, it was filled with ‘brown E’s!’  I had cut a whole bunch of E’s out of brown paper and put them in the container.  The kids laughed hysterically.  They were so busy laughing about the joke that no one got upset that there was in fact NO treat, but they weren’t given the chance to realize it because then Andrew said, ‘I do have actual brownies in my bag for everyone!’  And that wasn’t an April Fools’ joke!  (I had originally made mini brownies but they didn’t turn out as I’d hoped so I went to the store and bought two packs of two bite brownies.  They were a huge hit!)

The teacher thought the joke was so funny that she took Andrew around to all the classrooms in the entire school and he performed his trick for the whole school!  I thought that was so awesome, and he wasn’t the least bit nervous.  He was right in his element!  He absolutely loved it.  In fact, he had one of the best days ever =)  There were enough brownies that all the teachers and even the principal got one, too.  I have a feeling we’ve started something here...We’ll have a lot to live up to for next year’s prank!

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