An eventful Easter day!

This was definitely an eventful Easter.  It could have gone terribly awry, but it ended up being a really memorable day (in a good way once all was said and done!)

Last night I mentioned that Margaret had fallen and hurt her arm...I felt so bad for her.  She had me up with her 8 times before I went to bed, and I just wanted to hold her and cuddle her but she could barely even let me move her into a more comfy position because she was so terrified that I might touch her arm.  I tried to move it a tiny bit but she started screaming and crying, which probably should have told me that I should take her to the ER right away, but I figured it was ‘just’ a sprain and she’d be a lot better by morning.  She sprained her wrist once before and it didn’t take very long before it was better.  So I figured in the morning she’d be her usual self.

I knew something wasn’t right when I got up and found her laying awkwardly on the couch, unable to move.  James had to get her out of bed and lay her down like that because she couldn't move on her own because of her arm. She wasn’t acting at all like herself, and couldn’t move her left arm AT ALL.  Her hand looked a bit swollen and while the arm didn’t look that different, I felt like it didn’t look quite right with the way she was holding it.  I told James that it would definitely have the potential to really change the day, but one of us should probably take her to the ER instead of waiting.  He said he would take her.  We didn’t think any clinics would be open on Easter Sunday and really, the ER just made the most sense, so off to Burnaby General they went.

I felt so bad for her.  She had no shirt on but it was too cold to go out with nothing on, so we managed to get her into a muscle shirt of Andrew’s, that actually was my brother’s shirt when he was about 6 or 7!  Wouldn’t you know it, yesterday Andrew and I had some fun with a black pen, drawing some tattoos on his legs and belly, and of course the girls wanted some, so Margaret had little spiders and stuff all drawn on her body.  I washed them off as best I could before they left, and the doctor didn’t end up looking her over anyway, but still!! Murphy's Law, right?!

While they were gone I did some cleaning in preparation for the evening, and made the mashed potatoes.  (I’d made the stuffing, carrots and parsnips, and James had marinated the Tofurky and Brussels sprouts last night, so we were luckily already fairly prepared).  I’d planned on going out with my dad for a few after Mr Bunny arrived late morning for the Easter egg hunt, but the egg hunt was postponed till the afternoon (Andrew was quite concerned that Mr Bunny would skip our house, but I explained that he would know to come back later!) and I called my dad and cancelled our outing.  I’d planned to get my parents some flowers but since our outing was changed I decided to take Andrew and Emily for a little walk to a nearby store to get some flowers.  Andrew picked out a really pretty bouquet, and then we stopped at a small playground on the way home.  I didn’t hear my phone ring but checked a few minutes later and saw there was a message from James.  He and Margaret were finally on their way home.  

It turned out she had dislocated her elbow, and the doctor just moved her arm a certain way and problem solved!  Margaret was apprehensive at first and didn’t want to move her arm around, but James managed to ‘trick’ her by giving her his cell phone to play with.  At first she didn’t fall for it, and put the phone down on the chair and started swiping at the screen with her good hand, but eventually she reached for it with her ‘bad’ one and did a double take when she didn’t experience any pain.  And then she was fine!  

When they got home it was already time for the girls’ nap but I thought it made sense to do the Easter egg hunt before nap time.  So James took the kids outside to play in the neighbourhood, while I let Mr Bunny in to do his thing.  He hid various types of chocolates all around the living room.  Andrew had made up a little egg for him because he felt that the Easter Bunny is always left out and doesn’t get anything despite all he gives to everyone else.  He thought it was hilarious that the Easter Bunny left all the wrappings from the chocolate egg all over the floor, and a little thank you note with paw prints on it.  Andrew also gave him a bus ticket so he wouldn’t have to hop all the way home after :D

The kids all enjoyed finding eggs, and thank goodness Margaret was feeling more herself and was able to join in, too.  When they’d found all the candies, I said that it might have just been Fifi I’d heard but that I was upstairs while the Easter Bunny was hiding the eggs, and I thought MAYBE he might have gone upstairs so maybe we should go check if he’d left anything up there.  The kids bounded up the stairs and found their Easter buckets filled with little toys and books.  They were so excited and really seemed to enjoy everything they got.  (Andrew was particularly excited by the spider with ooze that he’d been eyeing up at the dollar store for the past few months!!)

After the chaos of all of that, Andrew and I went over to my parents’ house to give them their flowers as I didn’t think it would be good to have them sitting out for the whole entire day and evening since they were coming to our place for dinner.  They got Andrew some new Skylander’s stuff for his Xbox game (that he only plays at their house since we don’t have an Xbox!) so he stayed there with my mom while my dad and I went to Rona and Home Depot.  I got a rake, a saw, and some bamboo fencing.  Fun, I know!  Actually I’m really excited about it.  My dad is going to help get our backyard in better shape.  We’re likely going to extend the deck he built us the year before last, and do a few other things to update.  We’re also going to add the fencing to block our newest neighbours’ yard from view.  Not really anything against them, we just want privacy and currently there’s none.  We were going to put the fencing up last year but never got around to getting it.  (Although in all honesty, it will be nice not having to look at all the garbage they put outside their back door...but I won’t get into that right now).

I dropped my dad back at home and left Andrew to come back with my parents later for dinner.  I came home to discover the girls were STILL napping, and they ended up sleeping till a little past 4pm!  Margaret was obviously tired after a painful night with a popped elbow, poor girl.  James and I had a little time to sit and chat, which was a nice treat, and then I got to work setting the table and getting some last minute cleaning and meal prep done.  I feel like despite the whole ER trip and worry about Margaret, the day went smoothly once she was home and we knew she was OK.  We were prepared enough yesterday for today that I didn’t feel like I was in a mad rush and all stressed like I sometimes (possibly usually) get when we’re hosting something.  Also, I recognized FINALLY that while I do like to have everything 'just so' even when it’s my parents who are visiting, the reality is, I can be a little more relaxed when it’s 'just' them, so there was no need to get all worked up about it!  So I felt like I was actually a tad bit relaxed today, which for me to say is kind of amazing!  It was also nice to get out for a bit with my dad, even though we didn’t stop for a coffee or anything, just going to those few stores together was nice because we pretty much never go out just the two of us it seems.

My parents and Andrew arrived at 5:30, the girls opened up their Easter gifts from them (some chocolates and some super adorable dresses from Carter’s and a really cute tank top from Joe Fresh!) and we had a drink and then it was time for dinner.  It all turned out really yummy.  I LOVED the tofurky, seriously it was possibly the best one yet.  I’m not kidding, I love tofurky.  

Yesterday I’d picked up a really cute vanilla and white chocolate cake for dessert that looked like a little Easter bunny.  It was adorable and also tasted really good AND wasn’t very expensive at all, so I really scored big on that one!  I also got raspberry sorbet to go with it and it was so refreshing.  

We had lots of laughs as the kids were wound right up and constant entertainment as a result.  Margaret couldn’t stop singing a hybrid of Katy Perry’s Roar and Let It Go from Frozen.  Emily exclaimed that she had to go potty and then instantly pooped on the living room carpet (they’re only in diapers now at nap/night time).  And Andrew blew bubbles in his milk till it was foaming out all over himself, then he stripped down naked and ran around the room.  Margaret kept breaking the bunny apart that came on the silly straw that was in with her Easter loot, and she kept unwrapping all her chocolates just to make sure they did in fact contain chocolate in the wrappers, then she’d re-wrap them and toss them on the floor.  Emily kept wanting new outfits on, and both girls enjoyed twirling around in their new dresses.  Andrew got a pirate treasure chest from my parents and put as much Easter stuff in it as he could find and enjoyed sorting it and taking inventory of all he got.  The kids really genuinely seemed to enjoy their Easter day so much, which really made me happy.  Especially now that the girls are old enough to appreciate things more, all 3 kids really got to experience it as a special day.  While we don’t celebrate it in the religious sense, we did give Andrew a little lesson on what Easter is traditionally about, so we didn’t leave that aspect of it out entirely.

I can’t say enough what a great evening it turned out to be.  My parents seemed to have a really good time, too, and James and I were a good team in getting things cleaned up so that by the time my parents left everything was basically done and it didn’t feel like there was any extra work to do from our usual.  The kids went to bed about 2 hours late, but after a late nap and all the excitement of the day, I wasn’t the least bit surprised! And Andrew and I got some cuddle time in watching a few episodes of a Mr Men dvd before he gave in and admitted he needed to go to sleep.

Too bad James doesn’t get tomorrow off, too, but all in all it was a great Easter!


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