A taste of spring and now I'm hooked!

Spring is in the air, finally I can feel it!!

It's still a bit cold here, altho again I hardly feel I have the right to complain at all that it's a little on the cooler side, given what more eastern parts of Canada have been dealing with.  The cooler I'm talking about here is the 'slightly too cold to wear flip flops but I can get away with wearing them anyway so I will' kind of cold.  Really not bad at all!

Yesterday my dad put up some reed fencing for us in the backyard, so we have a bit more privacy from one of our neighbours.  I wish we could have a proper fence but I liked the price point of the reeds and I think it'll look nice once the deck has been extended (which my dad will be doing within the next few weeks).  I got part of the backyard raked and it already looks SO much better.  The kids love playing outside and I love the fresh air and living room-extension to outdoors.  I LOVE the way spring feels.  I feel invigorated and happy.  I live for flip flop weather!

Today James came home early so while he got the girls down for a late nap (they were having way too much fun playing outside and then playing with Duplo and Lego to nap earlier!) I went out front and raked the leaves from there.  I wish the gardener did it but at the same time I enjoy it.  I had a little chat with our other neighbour and I like to see who's coming and going from the complex.  Yes, I can imagine I will be one of those watching-everything senior citizens!  But so what :P. I like to be out getting fresh air, enjoying nature, and getting the garden spruced up.  It looks so clean and inviting now.  I love the flair our house has out front, it makes me happy.  Yes I know we'll have lots of rain, too, because after all, 'April showers bring May flowers,' but knowing we have a lot of potential for good outdoor weather in the next 6 months makes me feel so much more alive!


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