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Gym update

I’ve been doing really well with getting to the gym 3 times a week.  I’ve gone 4 times a week a few of the weeks, but generally it’s 3.  I definitely don’t think I look different, but I can honestly say I already feel stronger (I can do more reps with higher weights in the same amount of time from when I first started, and when I used my exercise bike at home yesterday I noticed I have more strength in my legs, too).  I usually do the circuit, sometimes some of the machines more than once, and sometimes add on some minutes using the elliptical. I do want to make a goal of going for a bit longer than I usually do, so I can fit in more extras beyond just the circuit, but the convenience of a quick 30 minute full body workout is great, especially when I have a few other errands to run, and only a short amount of time to get it all done in.
It feels great to know I’m getting some regular exercise and getting stronger.  I say I don’t look different because I don’t think anyone else would n…

Follow up doctor's appointment

The weather has gone back to being quite cold, and somewhat rainy.  I hope it clears up soon so we can get back to spending time outside.  Our backyard feels like a disaster at the moment and I want to get back to working on it!  My dad cut the bush out from the back of the yard, after we got permission from management, and then the gardener for the complex was kind enough to offer to get rid of all the clippings for us (which was great because it ended up being a bigger job than we had anticipated).  It frees up so much space to have that removed, I love it.  Now we’re working on getting them to build us a fence, which it sounds like might be an actual possibility...If we could have that done before summer I would be SO happy.  I can’t wait till we have everything done and can just be out there admiring how nice it all looks.  It’ll be a while yet, but we’ll get there.

Andrew is at a birthday party right now, for probably his very best friend in his class.  They’ve had a few issues in…

Springtime adventures

FINALLY it has warmed up around here.  The weather has been such a tease lately, because it has appeared to be bright and sunny but as soon as you stepped outside you’d realize it was too cold to stay out in for any length of time.  But as of the past few days it has basically been my ideal, perfect temperature.  Not too hot, not too cold, juuuust right!
Instead of continuing the pattern of our usual weekend rut, after breakfast on Saturday morning we got the kids packed up and off we went for a little hike along a trail James and I used to frequent when we lived in Burnaby pre-kids.  It’s not that far from where we live now, but given that we lived in that area for 7 years it still really feels like home whenever we go there.  I love it.  It was so nice to take all 3 kids on an adventure without bothering with the giant double stroller.  We could all walk, and occasionally the girls went on our shoulders but for the most part they liked the independence and wanted to roam free.  We al…

A taste of spring and now I'm hooked!

Spring is in the air, finally I can feel it!!

It's still a bit cold here, altho again I hardly feel I have the right to complain at all that it's a little on the cooler side, given what more eastern parts of Canada have been dealing with.  The cooler I'm talking about here is the 'slightly too cold to wear flip flops but I can get away with wearing them anyway so I will' kind of cold.  Really not bad at all!

Yesterday my dad put up some reed fencing for us in the backyard, so we have a bit more privacy from one of our neighbours.  I wish we could have a proper fence but I liked the price point of the reeds and I think it'll look nice once the deck has been extended (which my dad will be doing within the next few weeks).  I got part of the backyard raked and it already looks SO much better.  The kids love playing outside and I love the fresh air and living room-extension to outdoors.  I LOVE the way spring feels.  I feel invigorated and happy.  I live for flip …

An eventful Easter day!

This was definitely an eventful Easter.  It could have gone terribly awry, but it ended up being a really memorable day (in a good way once all was said and done!)
Last night I mentioned that Margaret had fallen and hurt her arm...I felt so bad for her.  She had me up with her 8 times before I went to bed, and I just wanted to hold her and cuddle her but she could barely even let me move her into a more comfy position because she was so terrified that I might touch her arm.  I tried to move it a tiny bit but she started screaming and crying, which probably should have told me that I should take her to the ER right away, but I figured it was ‘just’ a sprain and she’d be a lot better by morning.  She sprained her wrist once before and it didn’t take very long before it was better.  So I figured in the morning she’d be her usual self.
I knew something wasn’t right when I got up and found her laying awkwardly on the couch, unable to move.  James had to get her out of bed and lay her down li…

It's Easter craft time

From this morning (Saturday Apr 4, the day before Easter).
Emily:  I want a princess cup, too. Me:  We only have one right now, and Margaret has it.  The other one broke. Emily:  Yeah, the other one bwoke. Me:  You can share that one with Margaret. Emily:  Yeah, I share with Mahgwet. Me to Andrew:  Emily is such a sweetheart! Emily:  YES MY AM!
Had to be there, but, so cuuuute!!  :D
On Thursday after school the kids decorated our Easter tree.  I want to make it an annual tradition - this was the first year of it.  I got the little tree from Target after my aunt and nana brought us an adorable set of mini Easter decorations when they came to visit several weeks ago.  
I realized once I had the kids all geared up for the activity that it wouldn’t take very long as between the 3 of them there wouldn’t be that many decorations to put on.  But they shared nicely, didn’t fight over who got to put what ornaments on, and they all seemed pleased with the end result.  Andrew had made a baby chick out of …

Best April Fools' Day ever!

Yesterday was April Fools’ Day and Andrew also happened to be ‘Special Helper’ in his class for the day.  The Special Helper has a special chair they sit in during circle time, and they also are the leader when it comes to certain activities.  Because Andrew’s day fell on a gym day, for example, he got to choose what activity they’d be doing (he chose hula hoops!)  I think it’s a really cute idea, and also nice to give the kids a time where they each have an extra sense of responsibility, and a time to feel, well, special.
Anyway...the Special Helper also gets to bring in something for Show and Tell.  Because it was April Fools’ Day, we decided that Andrew should play a fun little trick on his classmates instead of bringing in a traditional ‘Show and Tell’ item.  We thought of a few ideas but they didn’t seem appropriate for one reason or another.  Then we happened to be reading one of his magazine subscriptions (Highlights, or Chickadee) and it just so happened to have a list of April…

On the verge...

Just for the record, I went to the gym last night, and I’ll be going again tomorrow and then either Friday or Saturday, depending if I can get there on Friday night or not.  So far so good in sticking with my 3 day a week plan!  I think I’ll just start marking on my paper calendar when I’ve gone instead of feeling inclined to post it on my blog, as unless I’m wanting to post an update on my progress there’s no need to mention it.
I’ve been feeling fairly burnt out the past couple of days.  Not just in the sense that I’m tired, as per usual, but just...overwhelmed, and not necessarily loving our current routine.
I know it’s a normal thing for a stay at home parent to go through, and of course is fraught with more challenges the more children one has...But the kids seriously treat me like a slave a times...lately, a lot of the time...and I think I’m getting to the end of my rope.  They’re just being kids, and the only thing I can do is remind them that I’m a person too and that there are …