The start of spring break

I’ve been sick for about 2 weeks now...I’m finally showing some improvement, but it’s slow.  I’m so frustrated by this virus.  Basically I am completely stuffed up as if I’ve just come down with a cold, but I’ve been this way for the entire 2 weeks.  It just won’t go away.  I was starting to think it could be a sinus infection, but from googling it, it sounds like there should be pressure and pain and symptoms I don’t have associated with it.  I started off with an extreme sore throat, which thankfully ‘only’ lasted for about 3-4 days, but it’s the stuffiness and then alongside that I’ve been having flu-like symptoms where I basically feel ill and woozy and extra exhausted.  If I over-exert myself, or even just exert myself AT ALL, I seem to pay for it with a lot of achiness and a feeling that I’m ill.  It’s so annoying because I have ZERO help since I’m sick (And Andrew and Margaret have been sniffling, too, so they’re also contagious) so I can’t ask anyone to help me...and all I need is a ‘sick day’ to just rest up and try to take care of myself.  There’s not much chance of taking care of one’s self when they have 3 demanding young kids to look after.  It just isn’t happening!  James is helpful when he’s here, but he’s gone for at least 11 hours per day M-F.  He’s also been suffering from seasonal allergies so he’s had some issues of his own!  It just never ends around here.  I am so tired of feeling sick all the time, and not having the energy to do as much with the kids as I would like.

Up until today (we’re back to rain) it has been SO beautiful and sunny out.  Cold, but not so cold as to need a winter jacket or anything.  In fact, I’m going to hang my winter coat up in the back of the closet later tonight, because there’s no way I’m going to need it again till next fall...and it feels great to be able to say that!  I’m so excited for spring and summer.  When fall and winter come I can always find the goodness in those seasons too, but ultimately it’s this time of year (and the next several months) that I tend to look forward to the most.

On Sunday James took the tarp off our summer stuff out in the backyard and we got some of the kids’ toys set up.  They’ve already been enjoying their outside time, often several times a day.  It’s so nice to have our living room extension back again!  It’s been so long since we were out there.  Andrew and I also decorated the front yard a bit with our spring/summer do-dads, which I want to add to a bit but we'll wait till it's ACTUALLY spring/summer LOL because even though we've been spoiled with some nice weather and think it's spring already, it's actually winter for another week and a bit!

It’s so cute watching the girls play on the slide and climber now in our backyard.  They loved them last year, too, but they’re so much more stable now that I’m not in constant fear that they’re going to fall and hurt themselves.  Of course I still watch out for them, but they don’t need as much help as they did before.  I really love their current age, because even though they’re totally not babies anymore (tear, tear) they’re still little enough to seem like toddlers, and there’s something super cute about that.  Yet they also have a huge vocabulary and know so much and understand nearly everything we say.  While they can still be mischievous (cough, cough, MARGARET! - so much like her big brother!!) we can trust them a lot more, and they have a better understanding of what they can get away with...and what they can’t!  I love Andrew’s age, too.  He’s not a little boy anymore (more kids are growing up too fast!), he’s a kid, and he knows more than I’d expect a 6 year old to know, and definitely I’ve noticed changes in him since he’s had school influences (some good, some not the greatest!) but he’s still young enough that he loves to cuddle and still gives kisses and hugs and in moments can still seem as though he’s my baby.  And he is, and always with be, my baby boy!  

Spring break makes things more challenging for me in some ways, because with Andrew home I have all the extra demands he gives (and boy does he seem to have a lot of them) that I usually have the school day ‘break’ from.  And mainly it’s tougher because I can’t rest during the girls’ nap time like I could if he was at school.  BUT I admittedly enjoy not having to get us all ready for drop off and pick up times, and I also just enjoy having Andrew home with me.  I’ve been a bit hormonal maybe (period this week, adding insult to injury given everything else I’ve been dealing with health wise...My cycle is so horrendous since having twins, I recently had an ultrasound and other tests done to see if we can figure out why it’s so bad...but anyway) and I find I’m a bit more clingy with my family when that happens (if I could I’d be attached to James’ hip at times!) so I like having all my kids with me.  It’s just nice to have a little of that time back that we lost when he started school.  For the most part I think school is great for all of us, but the break is welcome!  Summer will be challenging in some ways but now that I’ve had Andrew home for a few days of spring break (he gets 2 weeks off) I’m thinking it’s going to be nice to have that time.  I probably only have so much longer anyway before the girls won’t nap anymore, so I’ll pretty much never get breaks soon anyway, so he may as well be here with us, too!....=S  (Although I will do everything I can to keep the girls napping as long as possible...Andrew stopped napping around 15 months if I recall correctly, and we basically couldn’t let him nap even if he wanted to by a certain point because he wouldn’t go to bed till all hours if he had a nap through the day.  But the girls are relatively good about napping and I think they still need it...and we all know I do!!  They were going down around 11-1130 and would sleep anywhere from an hour to two.  But lately they go down more like noon and sleep for an hour, sometimes two but usually not quite that long.

So they stopped having their bottles completely a few weeks ago and there’s been no looking back.  They have milk in sippy cups or regular cups, but they don’t even need milk before naps or bed like we thought they’d want.  They just end up wasting it if we give it to them, so they just have maybe a cup per day if that.  As of about a week ago they’re also sitting at the table with us now in their booster seats, so I’m going to wash the highchairs soon and get them put away and most likely sell them really soon.  I feel like I can’t part with them just yet, for one because if we have people over we won’t have enough seating at the table if they don’t use their highchairs (of course, that will always be an issue and eventually they can’t be put in those seats!) and I think, too, I’m not ready to part with them, which is RIDICULOUS I know...but it just seems so crazy that they’re beyond highchairs already.  When I bought those chairs, they were so tiny that their little feet didn’t even come to the end of the chair, and now they are so big they can just sit at the dinner table with us and eat from a plate.  How did that happen so fast?!

Fingers crossed this virus gets bored of me and leaves by Friday, because we have weekend plans that I feel can’t be broken and I’ll feel so bad if they have to be because of me...


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