Spring is officially here...and Spring Break is officially over!

It’s hard to believe today was the last day of Spring Break.  That two weeks went by quickly.  It sucks that the first week was the sunny one, and I was sick for pretty much the entire thing.  But I feel we made up for it as best we could in the 2nd week in terms of doing activities with the kids.

Today I took Andrew bowling for his last day off outing.  I didn’t tell him where we were going, so he was surprised, and only figured it out once we were less than a block away from the bowling alley.  He was excited, and it was definitely a fun mommy/son time.  We played 2 games of 5 pin.  In my defence, Andrew had the sides up and I didn’t...but he won the first game with 100 and I got a measly 68.  I was trying, too, sadly!  It was not my game.  The 2nd game I won at 137, and Andrew got 109.  It was lots of fun, and we finished there with 2 games of Air Hockey, which is kind of our tradition when we go bowling (which we only do a few times a year...mostly because it’s RIDICULOUSLY expensive...For 2 games of bowling and 2 games of air hockey, it cost almost $28, and the reality is that we were probably only there for about half an hour, because bowling doesn’t take long when only 2 people are playing).  I wish we could go more often, but it’s always a treat when we do.  We never go to fast food restaurants pretty much ever, unless you count the occasional trip to Orange Julius for a drink.  But after bowling we always hit up Wendy’s for Frosties and French Fries.  It’s our thing!  Andrew was excited to get one of the toys there, and knew all about it already from seeing it on toy reviews (of course he’s on the up and up with these things!)

While we were having our snack we made a list of all the fun things Andrew got to do during spring break, and it surprised us both how long it ended up being.  At the beginning of the break Andrew was a little sad because I was too sick to take him and the girls to the park and we were pretty much housebound because I always seemed to end up with flu symptoms if I pushed myself and went anywhere.  I was feeling so guilty about not doing more for him during his break.  (Next year I do think James should take a few days off so we could do more things as a family but we have summer plans that will require him taking at least a full week off, and wanting some time saved for Christmas means not being able to swing many extra days).  But this afternoon he told me that he may have felt that way for a few days but in the end it went so well that he did more than he could have hoped for!  So I definitely feel better about that.  

I know getting back to our routine and having Andrew in school again will be a good thing for us all, but I’m really going to miss him.  Yes, it’s true, I hope to get some rest during the girls’ naps again, which I wasn’t able to do with Andrew home, but there’s also something to be said about the extra time we had together.  Our routine will be good, but I won’t lie, I might start counting down the days till summer break!


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