Spring Break trip to Science World

Yesterday we took the kids to Science World, which was crazy to do during Spring Break, I know, but it had to be done.  Originally James was just going to take Andrew but then I thought about how often he’s been since he was 2 and how the girls have NEVER gone and it made me feel sad about all the experiences they miss out on by the sheer fact that they are twins and it’s a lot more complicated to take two 2 year olds to a place like that (or just about anywhere!)

I knew it wasn’t going to be my personal ideal place to be, one because I’m kind of over Science World (it’s mostly always the same stuff and...yeah...What can I say, science is interesting obviously but at the same time Science World can also have the effect of boring me to tears (not literally!)  BUT it wasn’t about me at all, I really wanted to give the girls that experience and I KNEW they would love it, and boy did they ever!

It was a total gong show and I can’t see us going back anytime REALLY soon...but eventually we’ll get a family pass.  James and Andrew were still on their year membership and the girls are free till they’re 3 so I ‘just’ had to pay my fare, but whoa, just under $25 for one person is A LOT, especially when that person is there with twin 2 year olds who obviously aren’t going to actually get the full value (or let their mother look at anything of interest!)  BUT that being said, it really was totally worth it.

Andrew and I went through one area together, while James took the girls to the 6 and under play room.  Margaret was busy playing with a plastic boat in the water, while Emily was working with building blocks.  Andrew was playing but then started to get frustrated by the fact that none of the other kids would share the little balls that so many of the activities required (it’s true, they really didn’t have enough of the balls for all the kids).  By this point we were all getting hungry so we went to the cafeteria and shared veggie burgers and fries and I was so pleased with how well the kids did with waiting for the food to be ready.  They were so easy to deal with there that I decided it wouldn’t be a problem at all for James to take Andrew to the Animation exhibit while I took them there and then maybe back to the play room if they got bored.

Only instead of getting bored, Margaret decided to just take off altogether.  She was so close to me, and Emily was near me as well but on the other side of me so I looked at her for maybe 5 seconds tops and when I looked back, Margaret was gone.  I told Emily to follow me and luckily for the most part she’s pretty good about listening to direction, but I was a bit panicky because it was SO busy, to the point it wasn’t easy to just go searching for Margaret because I had to weave through all the people standing around everywhere.  I looked around one corner and one of Margaret’s boots was lying on the floor but she was nowhere to be seen!  So she lost a boot and even THAT didn’t deter her from running off!  I finally found her, only to have her run off again, only this time I SAW her run right out of the room and down another hallway, and again it took me a while to both convince Emily to come with me and run with her while weaving my way through the crowd...It was a bit of a nightmare at that point.  I finally found Margaret but she was in a completely separate exhibit, and it really scared me how quickly she was able to get that far away from me.  She wasn’t the least bit phased by it either, if anything she’d have been happy to run even farther.  She really didn’t care, to her it was a game and she was having the time of her life!  It was at that point that I decided to look for the boys and maybe take the girls down to the stroller and get them settled with a little snack (we’d got some popcorn) while waiting for them to finish checking out the exhibits.  

The girls usually nap at noon-ish lately (a little later than they used to) and by this time it was a little after 1:30 and they hadn’t napped yet, so they were definitely showing signs of getting overtired.  They clearly didn’t like the idea of leaving at first, but they were OK with getting into their stroller because they could only fight the tired for so long!

All 3 kids fell asleep on the way home so James suggested we stop for coffee and just sit in the van while the kids had a nap...Which sounded so great, but of course Margaret woke up as soon as we got the coffee, and Emily woke up shortly after.  It was only Andrew who napped like a champ!

It probably sounds like it wasn’t that great of an experience at Science World, but really it was.  The kids loved it, and it was so nice to see the girls giggling and running around and checking out new things they’d never seen before.  They particularly loved the flashing lights on the floor that make funny noises sometimes when you walk on them, and any and all water related activities.  And the French fries and popcorn!  It was stressful how Margaret wouldn’t stay close to me and Emily, but that’s why we don’t get out much, so it was to be expected.  I’m still glad they got to go and weren’t once again just cooped up at home instead of getting out there in the world.


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