Papa's birthday party

Today (the 14th) was my dad’s birthday.  My Nana and aunt came over from the island to celebrate with us.  They’d never been to Ikea before (shocking, I know) so we decided to surprise my aunt with a little shopping spree there, which was so fun.  I left the girls at home with James so they could take their nap and we could shop in peace, but Andrew wanted to come along.  He loves places like Ikea.  Mostly because he knows he gets to have an ice cream cone at the end, but he also genuinely likes a lot of the stuff.  (He’s seriously talented at decorating.  There are times when I’m changing things around and he suggests something and I’m like NO WAY that won’t work but I try it and it totally does!  That’s happened more times than I can count!)

After Ikea we all met back at our place where the girls were up from their nap, and my bro and sil and aunt and uncle were waiting for us.  We had a pizza and nibblies party, and a red velvet cake (store bought) as well as homemade cupcakes for dessert.  Everyone seemed to have a really good time, and it was nice to have a ‘big’ family get together.  It wasn’t that big, but we don’t all usually get together like that.  And between our colds/flus etc and my bro being sick several times recently, my bro and sil hadn’t been over to see the kids since Boxing Day!)  

I’m feeling much better but not 100% (but I’m sure I wasn’t contagious to be spreading the germs through the family!)  Only as of last night my sinus issue seems to be cleared up.  I’m still coughing a bit.  But the main symptom I still can’t seem to shake is every now and then throughout the day feeling this sudden wave of - the only word I can use to describe it - illness.  I just feel ILL.  I don’t know how else to put it.  It’s really debilitating because when it decides to hit I just feel so unwell and I can’t focus on what I should be doing.  It’s not nausea, I just feel really rundown and not well.  I took some Advil and it seemed to help a bit as I was feeling a headache coming on, and eventually the ill feeling went away again.  But I hope it will stop altogether soon, because I’m sick of feeling sick!!

We don’t have any real plans for tomorrow, which I’m looking forward to.  Andrew’s going out with my dad for a while but it will be a low key day for us over all.  James will likely tinker with his bike, as he just got some new parts for it in the mail this week.  I might get a little more done in the yard if the weather’s decent enough, or I’ll work more on my closet and get rid of more stuff so I can continue my never ending organization...And the girls will of course keep us busy!  


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