Hopefully a short lived virus...

Oops, I wrote this a while ago and didn't realize it was saved as a draft but never posted...my bad!

Well, it looks like another round of colds is about to hit our house.  I can’t believe I’m already saying that, we literally have been healthy for maybe 3 weeks?!  I can’t stand how many viruses we seem to get.  Andrew started with a stuffy nose the night before last, and has complained of watery eyes and a sore throat.  Given that James is already dealing with allergy season (it seems to happen earlier and earlier each year since he started getting them several years ago) we thought maybe Andrew had allergies as well.  But, no, it’s a cold, because now I’m getting it (and I don’t have seasonal allergies).  Fingers crossed this is a short lived virus.  As it is, our weekend plans are most likely going to have to be cancelled, which I’m bummed about.  It’d be nice to get through the rest of the week on more than just auto-pilot…

We had a nice visit with James dad/partner over the weekend.  On Sunday we took them to Deer Lake for a little walk and for the kids to play outside.  I love Deer Lake, even though we don’t go there super often it’s one of my ‘happy’ places.  It’s funny because we took Andrew there once when he was maybe 3 years old and it was one of the worst outings ever because he was totally uncooperative and I became miserable as a result and I remember telling James I never wanted to go back there.  Last year we took the kids there and it was basically our last memorable ‘summer’ outing as a family, and it was SO perfect that I put Deer Lake up on a pedestal and now I feel like it would take a lot for it to come crashing down!  I should also remember the Michael Buble concert James and I went to there before we had kids, which goes without saying was AMAZING.

It was so nice to have sunny weather for the weekend, Sunday was a bit cloudier than we’d hoped but still nice enough to be spending time outdoors.  I’m sort of already getting used to sunny weather, even though it’s still quite cold...It’s going to be annoying when we inevitably get hit with rain and grey skies again...I know, I again should NOT be complaining at all about our glorious weather here when other parts of the country (and of course world!) are being plagued by snowstorms.  I couldn’t even imagine it.  I’m practically counting down the days till I can put my close-toed shoes away and live in flip flops for months and months (often times even in the rain!)


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