Gym assessment and other stories

I’ve been to the gym 4 times since I signed up a week ago, so I have to say: so far, so good!  I had my assessment appointment this weekend, where I got weighed and measured to see where I’m at, and talked about my goals, nutrition, etc.  I also got instructions on how to use more of the machines than just the circuit, so I now have the confidence I need to really push myself.

Obviously I’m not going to notice ‘real’ results this early on, and I still have to do more outside of going to the gym to step up my game if I’m going to get where I want to go.  BUT I will say that I always feel better for it when I’ve been for a workout.  I went one afternoon during the week and found that I didn’t crash by early evening in the same way that I usually do.  Coincidence?  Possibly, but more likely there’s a correlation.

I felt really pumped after my assessment.  I thought I would be more nervous going into it, since getting weighed and measured isn’t really tops on my list of things to look forward to.  But I want to know where I’m starting from, and despite not having weighed myself in quite a few months (our scale battery died and I haven’t bothered to replace it yet) I was basically exactly where I thought I was, so it wasn’t surprising.  

I also felt good about how it went because I feel like my goal is realistic.  I want to lose 30lbs, and in my mind I was thinking that was a starting point, but that ultimately I’d need to consider losing A LOT more than that.  Seriously I was thinking I should probably lean more toward 50 or so.  Which seems like a scarier number to me, because of course every pound more is going to be that much harder to lose.  But as it turns out, based on my BMI (which is a rough guideline to go by, even according to the person giving the assessment!) and other numbers, if I lost much more than that amount I would actually be considered ‘unhealthy’ in terms of losing pounds that my body needs to keep.  Honestly I think if I lost 30 I would be completely fine with keeping a few extra ‘just in case’, I don’t mind having a little extra meat on my bones!  And I guess when it comes down to it, the truth is I don’t even care so much about the number, even if I didn’t lose 30 (although it’s still my goal) I ultimately want to look more toned, lose some inches from my post-ten-thousand-children belly, and feel better in my clothes.  

It felt good to know that my goal is realistic, attainable, and something I can then maintain rather than have to keep working at losing more, which for some reason I find comfort in.  I felt really alive after that appointment, did a longer workout, and felt totally pumped when I got home.

I was pretty tired by later that afternoon, but I was also giving James the full afternoon off to do his own thing because I was going to be going out for several hours today (Sunday) so I didn’t want to be feeling guilty about taking that time.  (Not that James would make me feel guilty about it, but I wouldn’t be able to help but feel that way, since our time is so precious these days and we have so little of it, it seems).

Quick rewind in the week to Thursday (March 26) - Andrew FINALLY lost his loose top tooth!  That thing had been so loose for WEEKS, I had been so sure it would have come out almost 3 weeks ago!  He and I had taken turns wiggling it and pulling at it to no avail, and then of all things he was eating a bowl of lentil soup after school and suddenly it was out!  He said his bottom tooth snagged it and pulled it back and then he could feel it hanging from a string so he pulled it out!  AND he didn’t lose it, so he did manage to put it under his pillow...but then I suggested he have it more toward the end of the pillow than the middle so the tooth fairy could find it, and he decided instead to put it in the little pocket of his giant Hulk pillow.  And in the morning he discovered the Tooth Fairy had been, and had left him a Toonie =)

Just after his tooth was out (and was bleeding a bit) Margaret looked at him and then at me and said, ‘What happened to Andrew, who did that to him?!’  LOL.  The girls didn’t believe at first that one day their baby teeth would fall out, too, and Margaret wanted me to wiggle her teeth just to make sure they weren’t loose yet!

Fast forward back to the present…

Today my mom and I went out for some girl time.  I had a few gift certificates from Xmas and my birthday to use for some new clothes, and ended up getting a pair of pants, a dress (that needs leggings underneath, sort of like a shirt dress I guess?), 3 shirts and 2 camisoles.  I’m happy with what I got, but trying on clothes felt somewhat nightmarish to me, and to be honest it made me really glad I’ve already signed up for the gym, because I just kept seeing what I see as my flaws, and I have to say the person I see in the mirror isn’t the person I think of myself as.  Ever since having twins...and I know it might seem like I’m using that as an excuse, but the truth is my body has never been the same since, and even working out won’t change it back to how it once was.  My hips are WIDER, there’s nothing that can be done about that, Baby A and Baby B stretched them out to make room!  I try to embrace it because my body IS amazing in the sense of what it has accomplished, and as far as I know I’m overall healthy, and I don’t want to complain about my body because it has been through a lot and considering that, it’s in amazing shape!  I just can’t help but wish it was a bit smaller/toned but I know that’s why I got the gym membership and at least I’m making steps to make changes.

My mom and I also went to Michael’s craft store and OMG I could buy up a storm in that place!  I loved everything and wanted it all!  But their prices are CRAZY high and I don’t know how they get away with it.  I would have spent way more than I did if I felt like I was getting a deal getting the stuff but I couldn’t justify it.  I got some beeswax for a whopping $28 but then used a 40% off coupon to make it more reasonable, and then got a few little things from the dollar fifty section, but yeah...SO MANY CUTE THINGS to be found at that store.  


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