Friday night at the mall

On Friday night my parents came over to spend time with the kids while James and I had a date.  We were originally going to go to a particular restaurant for a delicious meal, but we weren’t entirely sure about it so we brainstormed other ideas the night before.  After disagreeing on a few ideas, James suggested that he really needs some new clothes (so true) so maybe we could go do some shopping.  If you knew James you’d know that he NEVER suggests going to the mall, and really, ‘James’ and ‘shopping’ are not two words one often sees or hears together.  I always wish he’d go shopping with me or be enthusiastic about shopping but it literally NEVER happens.  Well, on Friday he was being his opposite, because not only did he go shopping but he was also totally fine with looking in stores with me and not getting annoyed by things I was wanting to look at!!

He had a gift card for RW&Co (which seems to have changed a lot since he last shopped there…very Metrosexual now it seems like...but still some good stuff, although a little on the pricey side in my opinion) and ended up getting 3 new pairs of pants.  He also got a new pair of shoes at Aldo, and they’re a little different than what he would usually gravitate towards.  He still needs some things but it was a start, and it was fun to look around at a bunch of stores.  We also went into Target to check out their liquidation sales, but ended up only getting a few little things, we found the chaos of the store really off-putting and didn’t really feel like shopping there.  I’m really not sad to see Target go, other than feeling bad for all the people who will be out of a job, the store itself was a disappointment, which is why it didn’t last here!

We stopped at the food court in between shopping and shared some Thai food.  It was a simple date in that, yes, we were ‘just’ out at the mall, but it was SO much fun.  I loved it.  It felt like quality time because we were chatting and hanging out but we were also getting some retail therapy out of it, oh and I got a new pair of flip flops in celebration of it being the first official day of spring (and to replace the ones that are at the bottom of the lake that Margaret fell into last summer while feeding the ducks...ugh, I still can’t think about that without anxiety!  (Her falling in, not the loss of the shoes!)  Honestly it felt like a perfect date for me, it’s definitely something I want us to do again when we get the chance.


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