No more bottles!

We’re finally phasing out bottles in our house, or, ‘baba’s’ as the girls call them.  Margaret and Emily will be two and a half soon enough (crazy, right?!) and they’re past due for giving up their bottles.

This is foreign territory for us, because Andrew was never attached to bottles.  He exclusively breastfed till 18.5 months and when I phased that out, the whole milk thing was over!  He started drinking cow’s milk, but only from a sippy cup, and never as a means of comfort.  It was a different type of transition, and probably also seemed easier because he was an only child.  With an older child and then the logistics of twins, it sometimes seems more challenging to do things.  And we sometimes allow certain things to go on longer than we would otherwise because sleep is such an issue for us.  

I tend to find transitions that we think will be ridiculously hard are actually not all that bad once we actually get started on them.  Emily probably could have given up her baba a while back.  In fact, as much as I know she does find comfort in it, she has what she wants of it and then tosses it aside and doesn’t want to think about it after that.  Margaret, on the other hand...Oh, Margaret!  She has so many sleep issues, and her baba seems to be just one thing of many.  She finishes her baba and then wants it filled with water...sometimes several times throughout the night.  It got to the point where she was having to have her diaper changed sometimes twice before morning, which is CRAZY.  And it’s not like it was even soothing her.  No, Margaret is almost 2.5 and she literally gets up EVERY NIGHT an average of 10 times.  Sometimes more, rarely less.  No exaggeration.  This is what we are up against.  We have a 6 year old and two 2 year olds and it’s as if we have a newborn baby in the house.

We’re working on getting a better system going, and one thing is cutting out drinking at night.  The way we see it, if you have something to drink before bed, there’s no reason why you should be thirsty the whole night through.  Margaret has been accustomed to having something by her bed for so long, but on the other hand so has Emily, and she has managed to cut it out quite easily.  I think Margaret is just stronger-willed, and also doesn’t appear to need nearly as much sleep as her sister does.  She’s so much like her brother, and in so many ways…

I’m happy to be phasing out bottles, but it’s also kind of sad, in a sentimental sort of way.  It’s the end of an era.  But it’s time, and I’m hoping that once Margaret has got used to this new chapter she will start to sleep for longer stretches through the night...One can hope, right?!


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