I'm ready for Spring!

I can’t believe it’s just about March 1st.  Even more, I can’t believe that spring is literally just around the corner!  Spring Break starts next weekend and while I know ‘technically’ it’s not spring yet, you better believe we’ll be outside getting our yard decked out in our spring (and summer) ‘flair’ during Andrew’s holiday from school!  I’m so excited, I can hardly wait to have my decorative bird houses out, and Andrew and I picked up some super cute little tulip solar lights from the dollar store on a mommy/son outing last night.  I can’t wait to get those set up!  Fingers crossed we have more of the nice sunny weather during spring break that we’ve been having lately.  It could be a few degrees warmer, but the sunshine and blue skies has been such a treat.  (And I know we’re lucky compared to eastern Canada, so I shouldn’t even say ‘it could be a few degrees warmer,’ it has been so mild here!)

We had Ramona washed today.  (Our van).  I love having a clean van!  We spent most of the day with James’ dad/partner.  We hadn’t seen them for a while.  The fil’s significant other is allergic to cats so she can’t visit our house after a bad flare up from the last time, so our Xmas gift to them was a night’s stay at a hotel nearby with the idea that we could visit with them there.  It worked out well, we had pizza from our favourite pizza place delivered right to the room, and we brought enough toys to keep the kids entertained.  Andrew had his last drama class in the late afternoon so we all headed to the park and the girls got to run around while I saw Andrew’s class performance.  It was a group of about 10 5-7 year olds and they did a little play of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Three Little Pigs.  Andrew was the troll under the bridge for the first play, and the Big Bad Wolf for the second one.  LOL  He’s obsessed with villains, what can I say?!  

It felt like we didn’t do THAT much today and yet James and I were completely BEAT by the time the kids were going to bed.  Andrew crashed at 7pm, when he normally goes to bed around 8:30.  The girls went to bed at 7:45, after I read them Beauty and the Beast, but they didn’t fall asleep till about 8:15 or a bit later.  Margaret is terrible about going to sleep, even when she’s said she wants to go to bed!  She keeps getting out of bed constantly and we have to be stern and close the door till she promises to go to bed...and eventually she actually does.  But it’s a process.  But one thing I can proudly say is that after literally TWO DAYS the girls are completely done with bottles!  It took no time at all.  We’ve been giving them a sippy cup of milk before nap or bed time to have on the couch before heading to bed, but truthfully I don’t think we’ll necessarily continue that unless they ask for a drink before bed, because tonight Margaret only had a couple of sips of hers and the rest is in the fridge now for tomorrow.  They really don’t need it in the way we were so accustomed to giving it to them.  While we’ll still be giving them milk at times it’s going to be AMAZING not going through 4L jugs of milk every few days like we were.  And knowing that if we DID run out of milk it wouldn’t be a total disaster eases my mind!  What a milestone.


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