A week in review

Are we the only family that doesn’t do something huge for Valentine’s day?!  Everyone’s talking about all these grand plans they have.  I printed off little ‘vintage’ valentines I found online, one each for James and the kids, and wrote a little message on the back.  James is getting a little thing of cinnamon hearts (that I expect he will share with the kids and me, ha!) and the kids are each getting a very small heart shaped box of chocolates.  I don’t want to go all out and do something extravagant for Valentine’s day because truth be told the kids will come to expect it.  I remember as a child we did school Valentines and at home we got a little box of chocolates (like I got the kids) and maybe some stickers or something.  It felt like a ‘special’ day without having to be all about ‘what we got’ so I don’t want to turn it into a hugely commercial event in our household.

We did make some cute Valentines for Andrew’s class for his first year in school.  We made them in Photoshop, Andrew and I (on my birthday!) with a picture of Yoda and beside him it says, ‘Yoda Perfect Friend!  Happy Valentine’s Day!’  Where Yoda’s lightsabre is I cut a little hole and we added a glow stick.  Apparently the kids quite liked them.  The class was also having a little party to celebrate Valentine’s day and we were asked to provide a ‘healthy-ish snack’ in a colour scheme that would match Valentine’s day.  I usually make a healthy muffin and add some icing or do something to make it seem unhealthy and ‘fun’ for the kids but in fact it IS a healthy snack.  Unfortunately I was just feeling so tired/busy/unable to come up with something for the occasion this time, so my parents picked up some mini cupcakes for us and we took those.  About 6 other parents did the same thing, however, so there was an overload of cupcakes.  LOL!  Oh well.  The kids enjoyed them and come on, it’s Valentine’s, it’s not exactly meant to be a healthy holiday.  We stayed till recess today and the girls enjoyed watching a bit of Frozen with Andrew’s class, and had some cupcakes at 9 o’clock in the morning.

I of course haven’t written since shortly after my birthday, but wanted to mention that my birthday DID feel redeemed in that last Sunday James and I were able to go on a much needed date and it ended up being a great experience (although far too short, and even my parents said they expected we’d be home much later so next time we are taking full advantage of being out for many hours!!)  We tried out a new restaurant in our area, and before we went James reminded me not to get my hopes up, and to leave my ‘critiquing of the place’ till after we got home (because apparently I am picky and not shy about it?!)  It didn’t matter though, because while we were still at the restaurant I was giving the whole experience a 10 out of 10, and I seriously NEVER do that!  It turned out to be a perfect combination.  They were still doing Dine Out Vancouver and James and I have never partaken in a DOV before.  The server we had was really great, thorough, and seemed to genuinely care about the restaurant, which gave it a more personal touch.  The atmosphere was nice, and the food was DELICIOUS.  It was an interesting combination but worked so well together and I LOVED it.  I felt full enough but not grossly full, it was just the right amount.  It felt like it was my birthday even though it was several days after the fact.  And normally we don’t have an appy, main and dessert so I loved the Dine Out Vancouver experience because we got a little taste of everything without breaking the bank!

It feels like so long ago already that we went on that date, truthfully.  It was less than a week ago in actual fact.  Then Monday was BC’s Family Day so James had the day off, which was nice.  On Tuesday after school I took the kids to my parents’ place so the girls could stay there while I took Andrew for his immunizations.  I’m still appalled that he had to have them AGAIN when I am positive he already had them, but anyway.  They are for sure done now.  He was a bit out of sorts in terms of pain in his arm (it was red and hot) for a couple of days but today he mentioned that it felt completely fine, and given that he’s a bit of a hypochondriac that really means it must be better!

Wednesday I can’t even remember, which reminds me why I wish I recorded things each day...Thursday morning we went to a friend’s house (who has 2 kids) for a visit/playdate which was a lot of fun.  The girls were thrilled and couldn’t stop chatting back and forth in their seats behind me on the way home about how much FUN it was!  Emily was telling me how much she LOVES the little boy, it was super cute.  We’re planning on having more play dates moving forward, especially since we live so close to each other.  In the evening I went to Ikea with my mom and got knobs for the downstairs bathroom (to match the kitchen knobs...and btw I finished painting the cupboards in the downstairs bathroom so my dad will add the knobs next time he’s over but it’s otherwise done, and I LOVE it so much!  Hoping to get the upstairs bathroom done within the next couple of weeks).  I also got 2 (super cheap, I couldn’t pass them up) dining chairs to have for the girls’ booster seats (more so right now for during the day when they want to paint or colour, but for now we’re still having them in their high chairs for dinner because I’m not super keen on them grabbing everything from the table at this point if they were sitting right at it).  I got a few other odds and ends, too, because I can’t seem to go to Ikea without getting a few things that weren’t on my list, but I ‘needed’ every item that I got, of course =)


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