A day with Emily

(Written yesterday)

My mil is moving to the island in one week.  (Long story).  Today she had Margaret for the day, so while Andrew was in school it was just me and Emily.

I haven’t been to Costco in ages, and my mom wanted to go, too, so I thought it was a good time to renew my membership.  We went for shorty after the store opened and I kind of remembered why I always hesitate to shop at Costco.  I love the different stuff I can get there, but omg people are SO ANNOYING there and there’s NEVER a time to go that isn’t insanely busy.  I spent WAY more than I anticipated but I guess we’re well stocked on certain items, and have a bunch of things we don’t normally get.

Emily was really good, although she didn’t seem to like it if I strayed too far from the cart.  So we pretty much all stuck together, which was fine.  She’s such a good-natured girl, though.  I felt so at ease shopping with her and she was content to get a little ice cream at the end with my mom while I got all the groceries organized in the van.

She was about an hour and a bit overdue for her nap when she finally went for it, but didn’t show any signs of being overtired. And when she went down for her nap, she didn’t once try to get up and turn nap time into a huge production (unlike someone else I know *cough cough* Margaret!!)

I actually had to wake her up in order to have some cuddle time with her before it was time to go pick Andrew up from school.  I find it rare that she and I have proper one-on-one cuddle time because Margaret tends to take over and then Emily feels upset that she’s not my sole focus and then our cuddles are cut short.  (Not to say I don’t love cuddling both my girls equally because I do, they both offer amazing hugs and I always remind them that I have enough arms and enough lap to cuddle both at once, but sometimes it’s nice for that one-on-one bonding time!)  We had our cuddles, and then went to pick Andrew up from school and went back over to my mom and dads’.

Emily was so good about playing on her own and just getting into the groove of what she was doing.  Margaret tends to go more from one thing to the next, and particularly loves to have her shows on, and she’s very particular about what show it has to be at any given time.  Emily, on the other hand, loves toys, could go completely without tv I am sure of it, and is very meticulous about how she plays with her toys.  It’s amazing how different a set of twins can truly be, although at the same time they also (mostly) get along quite well and giggle together and love to be close.  Emily asked MANY times throughout the day, ‘Where did Margaret go?’ even though she knew exactly where she was.  They’re just so used to always being together!

Emily was such a little angel today and I really found it made a huge difference in how I felt.  She’s just so good-natured and happy-go-lucky and I enjoyed her cuddles and hugs and kisses and stroking her hair and telling her how much I love her.  Which I do with the kids every day, but there was something nice about how quiet it was today and how we were able to just enjoy that time together the two of us.

My mil was coming over tonight so I was out and avoiding her.  (Long story, though pretty much not at all unlike times in the past...sigh).  As a result, I didn’t see Margaret till a few hours ago when she first woke up as per her usual nightly ritual.  Even though the day was definitely ‘easier’ with only one child for most of it, and in particular Emily given she is the ‘easier’ of the two, I sure missed Margaret, and was happy to give (and receive) love and cuddles when she got up.  She saw me and gave me the biggest, most genuine smile, and I returned the favour, because I knew we were genuinely so happy to see each other again, even if it had only been the day we’d been apart!

Andrew has gone for his last sleep over tonight at his nana’s before she moved (because it’s a pro-d day tomorrow).  We have some good plans for the weekend, and even though I know it will all probably go by too fast and I’ll still be completely exhausted by the end of it, I want to embrace it all and enjoy it for what it is.


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