A bunch of sickies

On Tuesday last week Emily started getting a bit of a sniffle.  By Thursday Andrew was starting to talk about a sore throat and not feeling quite right.  He wasn’t sniffling so I still took him to school, as they had a skating class that day and I didn’t want him to miss it if he didn’t have to.  I drive 4 of the kids so I also felt obligated to be there for that.  He was fairly miserable during skating and as the night when on he was starting to get more sniffly, to the point that on Friday we decided he should stay home from school.

By this point Margaret had a full fledged cold as well, and I wasn’t feeling so hot myself.  I started getting a sore throat and a feeling in my chest like I was going to get a cold soon.  I was feeling not-right, yet the cold itself didn’t seem to be hitting me as head on (no pun intended) as it did for the kids.  And at that point James was pretty much fine.

On Saturday we were all feeling under the weather, and James was starting to get a scratchy throat and felt extra tired.  Andrew missed a class he’s taking at the rec center because we didn’t think it would be fair to the other kids if he went.  He was feeling so bad that he actually admitted there was no way he could have gone, which for him really means something.  I’m noticing actually, now that he’s a little older, that cold bugs bother him a bit more than they did when he was a ‘baby.’  Maybe it’s because he can be more vocal about it, but I think there’s more to it than that.  He never seemed phased by colds before, but this time I found him often saying things like, ‘Uhhh, I HATE getting a cold, this is the WORST’!  

On Sunday James’ bio dad and sister came for a visit.  We hadn’t seen his dad since Sept 2013 (he lives in Ontario) and his sister since last summer, so it was kind of a big deal to be having a visit with them.  They were willing to risk it despite all the colds everyone had.  Well I started to feel more and more wretched as the day went on, managed to get through the visit (which was great, I really love that side of the family, they’re so down to earth and genuine and I wish they lived closer) but I felt like I had the flu because the intensity of achiness and exhaustion was way more than a cold, and I started to feel really nauseous as well.  I ended up throwing up all my dinner a few hours after our guests left, and then in the middle of the night I was up barfing again.  So it was definitely the flu.  James worked from home on Monday and it’s a good thing, because by mid afternoon I felt like I was dying I was so exhausted and achy, so I was able to go to bed for about an hour and a half.  The rest definitely helped.  I still didn’t feel well, but not as unwell as before.  I started to feel like the worst of the flu bug was over.

Andrew stayed home from school that day, again, because his cold seemed no less severe than when it had started.  He was (and still is) coughing like crazy and had (and still has) a really stuffy nose.  We got the kids to bed and just settled into a movie when I heard Andrew having a cough attack, and even though it wasn’t unusual since he’d had the cold for days already, I got this ‘sixth sense’ sort of feeling (mother’s instinct, maybe?) that he was feeling particularly unwell in that moment and I was feeling so bad for him, and no sooner did I think how I wished I could just feel it for him because I hated the thought of him being sick, he was crying out that he had thrown up in his bed.

Luckily he barfed all over his blankets and managed to not get any on the carpet!  That was a plus, because omg it was hard to believe he had that much in him.  He also threw up ALL OVER THE BATHROOM, like, entire bathroom floor, all over the toilet seat, on the step to the bathtub, it was crazy!  James gagged just bringing me the paper towels, and it WAS nasty but I was thankfully feeling better enough that I was able to get it all cleaned up and disinfected and got a bath run for Andrew to get into.  He was pretty shaken up when he kept throwing up, because he’s only been sick like that maybe 3 times in his entire life, but as soon as he was finished throwing up he said, ‘I’m way too sick to go to school, in fact I probably won’t be able to go for quite a while.’  LOL

He was chattering away in the bath and I figured he must have got everything out that he needed to, so once we had fresh sheets and blankets and a new pillow on his bed he got in and was sound asleep immediately and I noticed he wasn’t coughing as much through the night after that.

I was so worried the girls and James would end up getting the flu, too, but so far they’ve steered clear.  They all have variations of the cold, but no flu.  Fingers crossed it stays that way.  While it’s a ‘good’ thing that I got it first so I can look after everyone else, I am also still fighting it and find that by midday I am totally wiped.  I also have almost no energy to do much of anything, so I feel like everything I need to get done or stay on top of is sliding and I’m really going to have my work cut out for me at the end of all of this.  It’s hard enough having a household of 5 to care for at the best of times, but when we’re all sick, it’s so exhausting, and I wish so much that I had some outside help but the reality is we can’t ask anyone to help us when we know how likely they are to get our germs.

My birthday is on Thursday and now that my flu is almost gone I’m feeling like the cold is about to hit me head on.  I guess that will be my birthday present this year?!  I’m feeling a little bummed that there’s a good chance James and I WON’T get to go out for dinner together just the two of us, as planned, because I don’t see how we’ll all be that much better by then.  I can’t help but feel sorry for myself that my 35th birthday will basically be like every other day of the week, only with the added ‘bonus’ of a cold.  Something doesn’t seem fair about that!  My past few birthdays have felt pretty un-birthday-ish due to my current situation, and I was hoping this one would feel more special, but I’m trying to remind myself that ultimately it’s just another day and it’s not like I need anything major to happen!  Maybe one day James and I will get a date night again… =S


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