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I'm ready for Spring!

I can’t believe it’s just about March 1st.  Even more, I can’t believe that spring is literally just around the corner!  Spring Break starts next weekend and while I know ‘technically’ it’s not spring yet, you better believe we’ll be outside getting our yard decked out in our spring (and summer) ‘flair’ during Andrew’s holiday from school!  I’m so excited, I can hardly wait to have my decorative bird houses out, and Andrew and I picked up some super cute little tulip solar lights from the dollar store on a mommy/son outing last night.  I can’t wait to get those set up!  Fingers crossed we have more of the nice sunny weather during spring break that we’ve been having lately.  It could be a few degrees warmer, but the sunshine and blue skies has been such a treat.  (And I know we’re lucky compared to eastern Canada, so I shouldn’t even say ‘it could be a few degrees warmer,’ it has been so mild here!)
We had Ramona washed today.  (Our van).  I love having a clean van!  We spent most of t…

No more bottles!

We’re finally phasing out bottles in our house, or, ‘baba’s’ as the girls call them.  Margaret and Emily will be two and a half soon enough (crazy, right?!) and they’re past due for giving up their bottles.
This is foreign territory for us, because Andrew was never attached to bottles.  He exclusively breastfed till 18.5 months and when I phased that out, the whole milk thing was over!  He started drinking cow’s milk, but only from a sippy cup, and never as a means of comfort.  It was a different type of transition, and probably also seemed easier because he was an only child.  With an older child and then the logistics of twins, it sometimes seems more challenging to do things.  And we sometimes allow certain things to go on longer than we would otherwise because sleep is such an issue for us.  
I tend to find transitions that we think will be ridiculously hard are actually not all that bad once we actually get started on them.  Emily probably could have given up her baba a while back.…

Gung Hay Fat Choy

We live in a very Asian neighbourhood, and I’m guessing that the vast majority of the kids in Andrew’s school are Chinese.  When I was in school (in a much smaller city that at the time seemed to have few Chinese people - in fact there wasn’t all that much cultural diversity when I was a small child) we heard about Chinese New Year but it was never something we would think to celebrate, even in school it was rarely even talked about that I can remember.  So I’d never really thought to celebrate it until Andrew asked why we don’t, because they were doing activities to honour it at his school.  His class made little paper lanterns with goats on them (in honour of the year of the goat) (I hung his up in our kitchen, and he also made me one for Valentine’s Day) and they sang a song called ‘Lantern Bright’ in front of their whole school for their Chinese New Year assembly last week.  They sang it in Chinese, and while he practiced for the big performance the past few weeks, Andrew taught t…

A day with Emily

(Written yesterday)
My mil is moving to the island in one week.  (Long story).  Today she had Margaret for the day, so while Andrew was in school it was just me and Emily.
I haven’t been to Costco in ages, and my mom wanted to go, too, so I thought it was a good time to renew my membership.  We went for shorty after the store opened and I kind of remembered why I always hesitate to shop at Costco.  I love the different stuff I can get there, but omg people are SO ANNOYING there and there’s NEVER a time to go that isn’t insanely busy.  I spent WAY more than I anticipated but I guess we’re well stocked on certain items, and have a bunch of things we don’t normally get.
Emily was really good, although she didn’t seem to like it if I strayed too far from the cart.  So we pretty much all stuck together, which was fine.  She’s such a good-natured girl, though.  I felt so at ease shopping with her and she was content to get a little ice cream at the end with my mom while I got all the grocerie…

A week in review

Are we the only family that doesn’t do something huge for Valentine’s day?!  Everyone’s talking about all these grand plans they have.  I printed off little ‘vintage’ valentines I found online, one each for James and the kids, and wrote a little message on the back.  James is getting a little thing of cinnamon hearts (that I expect he will share with the kids and me, ha!) and the kids are each getting a very small heart shaped box of chocolates.  I don’t want to go all out and do something extravagant for Valentine’s day because truth be told the kids will come to expect it.  I remember as a child we did school Valentines and at home we got a little box of chocolates (like I got the kids) and maybe some stickers or something.  It felt like a ‘special’ day without having to be all about ‘what we got’ so I don’t want to turn it into a hugely commercial event in our household.
We did make some cute Valentines for Andrew’s class for his first year in school.  We made them in Photoshop, And…

Another birthday's come and gone

I didn’t write about my birthday...I still sort of feel like not writing about it.  I didn’t have a problem with turning 35, it’s more that it didn’t really feel like it was my birthday for most of the day.  I don’t need my entire birthday to be all-about-me as if I’m still a little kid where I’m super excited about my ‘big day.’  I don’t know exactly what it is that I feel I need, but I have to admit that my last 3 birthdays in particular have been less than desirable.  In fact, I sort of have wished on each of those birthdays that it wasn’t my birthday at all so I wouldn’t have to feel bad about my day just being average.  Is that bad of me to say?!

James worked from home, but he did have to work, so ultimately I was on my own with the kids as per usual.  He did take Andrew to school for me, although that was in part because I was sick.  Oh yes, how could I forget, I also felt really under the weather on my birthday.  I was over the worst of the flu, but had come down with a cold.  I…

A bunch of sickies

On Tuesday last week Emily started getting a bit of a sniffle.  By Thursday Andrew was starting to talk about a sore throat and not feeling quite right.  He wasn’t sniffling so I still took him to school, as they had a skating class that day and I didn’t want him to miss it if he didn’t have to.  I drive 4 of the kids so I also felt obligated to be there for that.  He was fairly miserable during skating and as the night when on he was starting to get more sniffly, to the point that on Friday we decided he should stay home from school.
By this point Margaret had a full fledged cold as well, and I wasn’t feeling so hot myself.  I started getting a sore throat and a feeling in my chest like I was going to get a cold soon.  I was feeling not-right, yet the cold itself didn’t seem to be hitting me as head on (no pun intended) as it did for the kids.  And at that point James was pretty much fine.
On Saturday we were all feeling under the weather, and James was starting to get a scratchy throa…