Zero faith in doctors

I’ve been bothered for a while by my lack of keeping up on recording our daily life on my blog the way I used to do when I only had Andrew.  It has been SO challenging since the twins came along to find the time/energy for it, but I’ve got the kick in the butt that I need to force myself now.  

I’ve had some issues with our family doctor recently that I’m kicking myself for not having documented, as back in the day I’ve been able to just check my archives and found the info I’ve needed for things.  I’ve actually used my blog lots of times to go back and find information that I need for some reason or another.  But blogging so sporadically since having the girls, I can’t rely on that anymore.  And it’s frustrating, so I HAVE to get back into it.

When Andrew was just shy of turning 5, we were going to a doctor’s appointment as a family to have our flu shots, and so we also booked the appointment for Andrew to get his Kindergarten booster shots.  You get those between the ages of 4-6 so we decided why not get him immunized then, and know he’s covered for everything.  I remember the appointment very clearly in my mind, Andrew remembers having had the needle, James was there to witness it also, and my mom remembered us having gone.  BUT the doctor failed to record the information in Andrew’s file, and so it looks as if he only had the flumist, when in actual fac we know otherwise.  The problem is, without having his written record of what he gave him in the shot, we don’t know with 100% certainty that Andrew actually got the full vaccinations.  After talking to the Public Health Nurse today, I have my doubts, as she said the Kindergarten booster is in 2 shots, and I know for a fact Andrew only had one.  SO he might not be fully vaccinated against chicken pox, which bothers me because if he was to get it, the girls are likely to get it, too, since they can’t be fully vaccinated till they’re at least 4.

I DID take a picture of Andrew in the waiting room before the appointment, and have the date attached to the picture (which is 4 days earlier than the date the doctor’s office has recorded for when we were there...which is bizarrre…) but beyond that it’s my word against his.  I’m REALLY upset at the fact that they didn’t even apologize to me, they’re basically sticking to their guns that it never happened, even though I KNOW he had vaccinations that day.

Anyway, I won’t get into it too much.  We’re looking for a new family doctor.  Not just because of this - he’s actually no longer a family doctor as of March and will only see walk-in patients, and the clinic he works at is downtown, which isn’t convenient for us anyway.  But this was definitely the push I needed to no longer see him, and truthfully not be all that bothered to know he’s no longer our doctor.  I held him on a pedestal because compared to all the walk-in doctors I’ve been to in the past he was AMAZING, so caring and compassionate and just the way you’d want a doctor to be.  It would just be nice to know he actually recorded the key points of each visit in case of situations like this…

Fraser Health wants proof that Andrew is immunized, given that he’s now part of the school system.  But I can’t offer that proof.  I’ve been reassured by several people, including nurses, that there is no harm to Andrew in getting the vaccinations again even if he did have them already.  I’m trusting that, because I’d rather he get them again than end up with an illness he could have avoided, or be a carrier and give those illnesses to others.  But I’m not happy about it.

I don’t know if recording the appointment on my blog would have made a difference in this situation, really, because ultimately I still wouldn’t have a list of what was in the shot to be sure he was covered for everything.  What the doctor didn’t tell me, but that several people have since, is that doctors don’t usually give vaccinations, it’s generally up to the health unit to do it, so despite that HE RECOMMENDED WE GET IT DONE THERE, it wasn’t even my idea till he said we could book the appointment with him if we wanted, I’m guessing he’s not really that experienced at doing it and probably just shouldn’t be.

Regardless, what’s done is done, and I’ve learned my lesson.  For one, never forget the kids’ Health Passports when they’re getting vaccinated (because now Fraser Health is also claiming they have NO RECORD of Andrew EVER being vaccinated, even with them, which is another story entirely but I have it all written in his booklet by the health nurses so there’s proof right there, at least, and I KNOW he got all his shots because I took him every time and it was a big deal to me each time!)  So always get the info written out so there’s proof is one thing, and the other is to always be an advocate for the family and never assume the doctor is doing things correctly because they’re the doctor.  Just because they SHOULD be doing things a certain way doesn’t mean they are, so it’s best to document things oneself and not rely on their so-called expertise to get the job done.

At any rate, I want to be recording all the cute things the kids do and say and I want to be able to remember little tidbits from our days, so the blog can’t be neglected any longer and that’s all there is to it!


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