The day improved

The day improved after nap time.  The girls ended up sleeping for almost 3 hours - wish I’d known they’d do that as I’d have been a bit more productive initially, knowing I would still have time to rest, but still, it was a welcome break.  I managed to sleep off and on for probably about 45 minutes, which definitely helped me get through the afternoon.

When they got up I decided on a whim that we’d go for a visit to my parents’ place after school.  I was feeling bad about how things had been with Andrew in the morning and how sad he seemed when we left him at school (he said Margaret kept waking him up last night and he was tired) so as a treat I picked up some fries from a restaurant nearby that I know he likes.  I was apprehensive to do it because it meant taking both girls in with me and waiting and I wasn’t sure how that would go since we never really do that, but they were so well behaved.  I barely ever put them in the stroller anymore so I just held their hands and we walked in and they were good about staying near me.  I’m still wary at times as they’ll just suddenly rip away from my grasp and take off when I least expect it (despite how often I try to teach them it’s not ok...they don’t do that often but in only takes once so it still worries me).  But it worked out well, and Andrew was not only in a better mood when we picked him up, but he was also SUPER excited to have French Fries for a treat AND to be going to my parents’ house - it was the best day ever in his mind!

We hung out there for quite a while, then walked down to the little park near their place and the kids played for a few minutes before we headed home.  I’d made a crockpot creamy tomato soup for dinner (which worked out, I might change it a little bit if I were to make it again but overall I was happy with it) throughout the day, and once again it was SO NICE to come in the door and know that dinner was pretty well ready to go, I just made a few grilled cheese sandwiches and we were set!  I’d also set the table before we went out so it was one less thing I’d have to think about, which I was also glad I’d done.

My plan was to go do a bit of a grocery shop tonight but I just don’t have it in me to do it, so I’m taking a little break instead, and the groceries can wait till tomorrow.


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