Talking up a storm

Margaret and Emily have really started asking questions in the past week more than ever.  Emily repeats a lot of what is said to her in the form of a question.  Margaret will say, ‘Where you goin’ Mommy?’ and I’ll say, ‘We’re going to get groceries.’  Emily will then pipe in, ‘We goin’ to get go-shees?’  Or, ‘I love you, Emily!’  ‘You love me?!’  It’s pretty cute.

A funny one that I wouldn’t have expected is that every time a song comes on they ask, ‘What’s this song called?’  When we were getting the go-shees this morning after dropping Andrew off at school, they wanted to know the name of every song that came on, and I hadn’t heard some of them so I either took a guess or said, ‘I don’t know!’  They get a bit thrown off by the ‘I don’t know’s because they really want an answer, and expect that I should be able to give one!

My aunt and uncle came over in the afternoon today for a couple of hours.  It had been a month since our last visit with them and they could really see a difference in the girls.  Usually I don’t notice their changes as much because I’m with them all the time so it all seems a bit more gradual (except not really, because I definitely notice that they change quite rapidly!)  But this time I can definitely say I’ve noticed huge changes in them lately, too.

Their hair is getting long, but I wish there was more I could do with it.  It looks ADORABLE in pig tails or a single ponytail but they will only keep hair ties in for about 5 minutes, and barrettes and other cute hair accessories, forget it.  So it always looks as if I’ve done nothing with their hair, when in actual fact I DO brush it, and I WANT to do cute braids and styles with it, but they’re not interested.  I’m really excited to one day get to braid their hair for them, though.  I loved braiding my dolls’ hair when I was a kid, and I’m pretty good at it if I do say so myself.  Now I have 2 human dolls, I just need to convince them that sitting and getting their hair done is fun!

Andrew was so much better behaved today, and I made a point of being in a better mood myself.  All around, it made for a much better day for everyone.  The grocery shop this morning was a bit much, though.  It’s exhausting.  I wanted to get a fair bit of stuff so I pushed the girls around in their stroller, and pulled the cart behind me.  It’s not ideal, not even close.  Luckily we went at a time that’s not too busy, but it’s still just not something I would do if I didn’t have to.  I can’t always wait till evening because I’m SO tired by that point, adding a grocery shop to the end of the day seems almost torturous if I don’t have enough energy for it.  Sometimes it’s nice to get the time out on my own, and I look around at other things, too, so it doesn’t feel like ALL I did was get groceries.  But taking the girls and making sure they’re entertained/fed/happy and then getting them home, unloading everything and putting it’s a lot.  I never used to think twice about grocery shopping, and there was a time when I even ENJOYED it and looked forward to the experience, but that’s not really the case these days.  At least it’s done for now, and other than a few things we’ll be stocked for a while.


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