Pro D Day

Andrew had a pro-d day today so we didn’t have to get ready and head off to school first thing in the morning.  It was the perfect day for this because it was SO RAINY all day today, like insanely rainy more so than ‘normal’ around here, so it was nice to not have to leave the house!  

The kids were definitely better behaved today than yesterday.  Not without their moments for sure, but over all they were very good.  Margaret had a bit of a fever in the afternoon and has been coughing, so I’m pretty sure she’s got some sort of virus.  I was feeling fine today despite thinking last night I was getting something, until just before dinner when all of a sudden I felt sick and threw up.  I throw up very rarely so it definitely made me wonder if I’ve got something, too (since Margaret threw up suddenly a few times the other day) but I feel ok at the moment.

Andrew played really well independently today.  I noticed that he spent a decent amount of time per activity (for a 6 year old, anyway) and was going about his day in a similar fashion to how I imagine his school day going.  His teacher calls it ‘centers’ where they go from one center to the other, and can choose which ones they want to focus on.  Andrew’s favourite is ‘Drawing and writing’ (to the point that recently he wasn’t allowed to go to that center for a few days because he needed to branch out and try other things!)  I’ve noticed he’s getting more and more creative with his crafts and projects.  Today he took a piece of cardboard and cut out some smaller pieces, made a game board and invented his own little board game.  The game rules may not have quite added up to me, but the point is that he was getting creative and I was impressed with his use of the scissors and how he designed the board and pieces.  We also did a puzzle while the girls napped and it was nice to just have that time the two of us, like we used to have every day before he started Kindergarten.

I noticed Margaret speaking in much longer sentences today than ever before.  Emily has used sentences for quite a while and speaks fairly clearly most of the time.  Not saying Margaret doesn’t, too, but she would usually just use a few words together.  Today she was on the phone with my mom and she said, ‘I’m watching Pirate Fairy, and it’s raining!’  I was impressed.  At dinner she said, ‘My neck hurts’ and given she’s not feeling well that of course made me worry about meningitis.  I asked why it was hurting and she said, ‘Because Andrew pushed me down.’  He claims he didn’t, and I don’t know for sure, but I’m liking that she’s able to tell me things like that.  Interestingly, I also found her asking, ‘Why?’ to things today...maybe rather than interestingly I should say ‘SCARILY’ because once they’re asking why to everything the questions will never stop!!

When Emily was on the phone with my mom she was going around pointing at things saying, ‘See, see?!’ as if my mom could see what she was looking at.  When she talks on the phone she prances around on her tip-toes like she’s a big shot, so pleased to be doing such a grown up thing.  

Lately Emily’s ‘thing’ (aside from still obsessively telling everyone she loves them!) is saying, ‘You freak?’ as in, if I do this are you going to freak out?  LOL  It’s HILARIOUS.  When Andrew’s at school, for example, and we go into his room because I want to put his clothes away or tidy up and they inevitably go with me, she’ll pick up his toys and say, ‘Andrew freak!’ because she knows if he knew we were in his room he would NOT be happy!  The other day she took the teensy tiny little shoes off their Tinkerbell doll and I glanced over at her and she was turning her head and straining to see my face and said, ‘You freak?’ wondering if I was going to be upset that she took the shoes off.  LOL  I said, ‘No, I won’t freak!’  Then she said, ‘You REALLY happy?’  !!!  She’s so entertaining.  They all are, those 3, you never know what they’re going to say or do next!

In other news, I painted the ceiling in the downstairs bathroom today, and I’m HOPING I’ll have enough energy tonight to paint the walls.  The ceiling took 2 coats of white paint because it was partially white and partially an off-white (that’s also on the walls).  The guy who was supposed to paint it shortly after we moved in did a half-assed job and painted one little section and it has ALWAYS bothered me.  Once we had the water leak in there near Christmas and they changed part of the ceiling, I knew I was going to have to do some updating in there.  One of the maintenance guys was going to do it but I got some paint from him for the walls and I decided I’d just do it myself.  I got tired of having them come and go so often, never knowing when they’d show up or when they’d finish the job, and there was always a mess to clean up afterwards.  I’ll still need someone to bring us some new baseboards once the walls are done, but it will be fresher with a coat of paint anyway.  I was going to paint it a different colour because it would look SO much better if it wasn’t the crappy colour our entire house is (other than the kids’ rooms) but it’s not worth the fact that we have to pay to have it painted back when we move, even though I hope we don’t move for a long time.  I just don’t want to do it right now, even though it would look so much nicer.  Instead I’m having my dad install a shelf behind the washer and dryer, and I can add a few cute decor type items to the room (and not store the laundry detergent etc on the dryer as I’ve always done).  I’m also going to sand and paint the cupboards in there to match the white we did in the kitchen, which will definitely spruce it up.  I’m happy to have got part of it done already, still a ways to go but I’m enjoying it.  VERY sadly though, I am in such rough shape that 2 coats of paint on the ceiling and I can feel it in my arms tonight!  It goes to show how infrequently I do these sorts of things, because back in the day (before kids) when I had all the time in the world for fun projects, I wouldn’t think twice about doing stuff like this and never had a hard time with it!  It was definitely challenging to get the job done while also dealing with the kids the entire time, but they were really patient and good about it, for the most part.  I miss just being able to focus all my attention on a project I’m wanting to complete, but if I waited for that opportunity we’d move before I’d ever get it done, so I had to just go for it!

I also got a wall decal from Ikea recently that I finally put up today.  It’s branches and birds and I made it into my own design on one of the walls in our dining room.  I love it!  It goes with my bird theme which I have throughout the dining room, and it spruces up the wall without any damage since the stickers can easily be removed.  Andrew of course wanted to take over the project and decide where all the decals would go, but while I did let him place two of the birds I had to gently tell him that it was my project and I needed to feel like I could be creative with it.  I feel like I give everything to the kids and everything I do is for them, ALL THE TIME.  Once in a while I need to feel like a project is mine and something I can focus on creatively.  It’s been nice to have a few little projects like that to work on today.


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