Oooh Snap!

I was able to get the downstairs bathroom painted this morning, so it’s all ready for my dad to put the new shelf up tomorrow and then I can think about decorating (nothing much, but something to spruce it up a bit and give it a ‘theme’).  It’s a bit disappointing when you re-paint a room the same colour it already was, because ultimately no one really sees the effort you put in.  To most people it would look exactly the same.  BUT the ceiling is ALL white now and looks SO MUCH BETTER (James said he never looks at a ceiling and doesn’t get why I care but honestly I must look at ceilings because it has bothered me since we moved in pretty much!) and the walls look clean and all the same colour now without any new drywall showing.  I’m really happy I finally managed to get it finished.  Although I still have the cupboards to do.  My goal is to have those done BY next weekend.  It’s going to look so much better once that’s finished.  Then I can move onto the next project, whatever that may be!

I’ve had a headache for so many days now that I can’t remember how many it’s been.  It keeps getting worse before it gets better and I’m ready for it to go away any time.  I hate taking so much Advil, basically I’m taking close to if not the max dosage per day, every day lately.  I honestly don’t know what I’d do without those migraine pills, if I don’t take one as soon as I start to feel the headache coming on, it’s too late and I end up with a completely debilitating migraine.  Usually I can take one at the first sign of symptoms and it takes the edge off and eventually it’s gone, but this one is just taking it’s sweet time.

Margaret was definitely still out of sorts today after fevering ALL NIGHT last night.  I was really worrying about her, even though I know it can be normal to get a fever and not necessarily something serious.  It’s just that the kids so rarely have fevers, I think Andrew has had one fever other than the mild ones he got when he’d have his immunizations as a baby, and he’s 6 now, so it’s just not something I’m used to dealing with.  She was like a little waif today, for the most part she acted like herself but then she’d just become all waif-like and I’d feel so sorry for her!  

A little before the girls’ nap time I thought it might be nice for them to have a bath and feel refreshed, especially Margaret after sweating so much through the night.  But I didn’t feel like dealing with the rigamarole of bath time at that particular moment, so I suggested that I give them each a ‘sink tub.’  Andrew LOVED having tubs in the sink when he was a baby, it became one of his absolute favorite things to do.  The girls had sink tubs occasionally but with there being 2 of them, as soon as they could sit up on their own it was ‘easier’ to bathe them together (although bathing two babies at once was never really easy!)  Anyway, at first when I said, ‘I’m going to give you a sink tub!’ Emily laughed and said, ‘Noooo!’ as if I was saying something crazy.  But when I said, ‘No, really, I’m serious!’ she immediately said, ‘Emily go first, then Margaret!’  (She has started saying ‘Emily’ instead of ‘Emmy’ just in the past couple of days, I’ve noticed).

Emily LOVED her sink tub.  It was the highlight of her day, I think!!  She was grinning and I think she was enjoying the different vantage point, since she was able to see everything that’s on that part of the counter.  She was just relaxed sitting in there, even though of course she’s a bit big for it.  I finally said that it was Margaret’s turn because it was almost nap time and I really wanted Margaret to get washed.  But there was no way Emily was getting out.  I told her she could have another one later, but that wasn’t good enough.  She said, ‘I get back in this one when Margaret’s out.’  LOL  So she did!  And Margaret pretty much hated the sink tub.  She plunked herself down and looked at the water like, what is this and why am I in here?!  Then she became waif-like again and I had to get her out and dressed and if you could have seen the way she slowly walked to the couch to get herself cozy under a blanket you’d have felt sorry for her, too!  Emily, on the other hand, happily got back into the sink for another 10 minutes or so before I finally convinced her it was time for her nap and baba (that’s what they call their bottle, and yes they still have their baba at nap and bed time, although sometimes they barely drink any of it and we ARE planning to cut it out entirely soon but sleep is such an issue for us as it is so we’ve been putting it off).

Margaret is OBSESSED with the movie The Pirate Fairy, so she’s all about Pixie Hollow and Tinkerbell and friends.  They got The Pirate Fairy for either their birthday or Xmas a year ago and they’ve watched it once in a while but now Margaret requests, ‘Watch Fairies.’  Emily likes it, too, she’s just not as obsessed with TV as her sister so it’s more rare for her to request certain shows.  Both girls also like Tangled, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Garfield and Friends (Andrew likes that one, too), Caillou, ‘Scary Frozen’ which is a version of The Snow Queen on Netflix, Frozen, Curious George...Andrew’s mostly into his Skylanders Xbox game (we don’t actually have the Xbox ourselves but we’ve had my parents’ Xbox on loan ever since Andrew got the Skylanders game from my bro and sil for Christmas).  But he’s also into Star Wars, and has gotten back into Toy Reviews a little bit, though he doesn’t watch it all that much.

Yesterday while the babies napped, Andrew and I were putting the dinosaur puzzle together that my cousins gave him for his birthday.  When we figured out where one of the pieces went, Andrew went, ‘Ooooh SNAP!’ and I burst out laughing.  It made him laugh too and then he said, ‘Well, I’m just repeating what I learn from you and Daddy!  I only say things I hear!’  He’s so funny.  (The only time he hears ‘Oh snap’ from us is when James says it, and he does it jokingly like a character from a show we watched a while back called The Killing - which btw is an AWESOME show).  It’s just hilarious that Andrew picked it up and used it correctly.


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