Not one of my finer moments

Today was a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day.  From the very start.  I would have sworn it was a full moon because the kids were acting up beyond belief.  Nothing was good enough for any of them, the girls kept hitting, pinching, and biting each other (well, Margaret is the biter of the two...poor Emily!), they were throwing toys at each other, Andrew was being aggressive toward them and then got angry when they were mean back.  Total gong show, and that was all before 8am!  It just kept going and by the time we were on our way to school I had completely lost it, and DID lose it.  I yelled so loud that I’m sure if people had been walking down the street they’d have heard me.  It was bad.  I told them that this needs to stop, we need to be able to get along and enjoy our time together and not waste it being so negative.  I said I felt like they were all trying to win the prize of who could upset Mommy the most, because all they seemed to do was make me mad or upset and I couldn’t keep doing this.  Not one of my finer moments, but at the same time I noticed after my little speech, all 3 kids were completely silent for the whole way to school.  And once we got there, things improved with the girls but Andrew not so much.  He was just in a total mood ALL DAY no matter what.  I had a talk with him at school while the teacher and another parent helped with the girls (although they sobbed because I’d left the room and they didn’t like that, which added to the stress of the situation) and he seemed a bit better after that, but I don’t know what got into him.

It was one of his classmates’ bday’s today and his mom brought a cake and the teacher was letting them have it first thing in the morning (sugar rush at 9am with a class full of Kindergarteners, fun!) so we stuck around for that and it went well, and Andrew seemed in a bit better mood by the end of it but he was in a funk all day, the teacher told me later.

We went skating today and it went well but I’m always exhausted by the end of it, even though I’m not the one skating.  I don’t know why but it completely wipes me out!  We got home and my mom asked where Fifi was because usually when she visits (she was with the girls while I took Andrew and some of his classmates to skating) she spends time with my mom.  I thought maybe I’d accidentally locked her in my room because I close all the doors but the girls’ door when they go down for their nap, but I checked every room upstairs and she wasn’t up there.  My dad and I searched the entire house and no Fiona.  I started to panic inside a bit because she’s a fully indoor cat, and just last night she was having a cat fight with a neighbourhood kitten through our back door.  I hate the thought of her getting into a real fight and being injured (or worse).  My dad looked around the neighbourhood and I went into our backyard area calling for her.  Then I went into an area near our house where cats seem to often go, but I couldn’t find her anywhere.  I was just about back home when my dad texted to say she had come back.  She had literally been outside ALL DAY since I’m positive I didn’t see her at all this morning (I was just dealing with so much with the kids that I didn’t think twice about it) (so I can blame her escape on James!!) so my guess is that she saw me or my dad or heard me calling out for her and she came back.  At any rate, she ran first to her litter box (because doing her business outside wouldn’t make sense to a litter box trained kitty!), then to her food dish, then she proceeded to barf on the living room carpet, then settled in for a bath.  LOL.  I told her that’s the highlight of her life because she’s not venturing out there like that again!!  We have a lot of raccoons in the area and I’m not ok with her being outdoors.  

James had told me early in the day that there was an emergency at work and everyone had to stay late and he had no idea when he’d be home because there was so much work to do...which also added to the stress of the day, but luckily he was able to get home at his usual time after all (maybe half an hour late) and after dinner I was able to have a bath (with Andrew, but it was still relaxing as he was FINALLY by that point happy and chatting away like his more usual self) and then I had a nap for about half an hour which I desperately needed.  It usually takes me AGES to fall asleep, but I swear my head hit the pillow and I was out, that’s how tired I was.

Now I feel like I might be coming down with something, and I’m pretty sure Margaret is, but hopefully I can fight it.  So not in the mood to finish off this week with a virus...


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