Last Sunday's post that's getting posted now

Written on Jan 11...

Today it was just me and Emily for most of the day.  James took Margaret to the mil’s (who is moving soon, long story, but yeah) and he and Andrew went to Science World and met up with some friends there.  Emily is such a sweetheart and so easy to please.  Not saying Margaret isn’t a sweetie-pie, too, it’s just that she’s a lot higher maintenance in the sense that she is mischievous and also doesn’t like to sleep much.  Emily was happy to ‘play toys’ - mostly we played with the dollhouse and other playmobil toys they got for Christmas, as well as her Anna and Elsa dolls (both adult and child versions of each, of course!)  We also spent some time colouring and she loved it when I traced her hands on paper.

The terrible twos seem to have begun, although not really...I mean, I KNOW it could be so much worse!  Both the girls are generally very good throughout the day, exhausting yes, of course, what child isn’t, but fun and good-natured more often than not.  But sleep time is becoming a major issue, particularly with Margaret, although at bed time last night Emily followed suit and ended up being the worse of the two…

About a week ago (although it feels like it’s been A LOT longer, hello sleep deprivation worse than usual!) Andrew thought he heard a witch cackling in the morning and mentioned it to James, but the girls also heard him say it, and witnessed him acting scared by it.  Margaret kept going on about the ‘scary witch’ all morning but seemed to forget about it.  Then at night she wouldn’t sleep and freaked out every single time we tried to leave the room.  (As mentioned in my last post). She was up at least 30 times that night between me and James getting up with her.  I asked her if it was the witch she was scared of (and assured her that it wasn’t real etc) but she said no, that wasn’t it.  So we didn’t think much of it and chalked it up to her being a crappy sleeper from the get go, because she’s really never been a good sleeper and to this day has only slept through the night a handful of times.  

Both James and I were wrecks the next day due to no sleep, but I figured I would make up for it at least a little bit by napping while the girls slept, since Andrew would be at school during the day.  Unfortunately, Margaret then did the same thing all over again and I wasn’t able to leave her sight and I ended up not getting any sleep at all.  I was really worried it was going to ruin nap time altogether moving forward, since it was starting to feel like this was going to be the new pattern.  And it sort of has become that, although she still naps eventually, it just takes longer to get her settled.

It turns out it’s monsters she’s scared of, and reading up on it and talking to some friends about it, it turns out that between 2-3 it’s normal for this to happen because kids are starting to get their imaginations and monsters are a natural part of that.  It certainly doesn’t help the girls case that Andrew is OBSESSED with monster/zombie/ghoul type stuff and has therefore exposed them to all sorts of things that he wasn’t exposed to yet at his age!  He likely went through the same fear of monsters around their age, it’s just that he slept with us primarily (and was a terrible sleeper like Margaret) so we didn’t really have to deal with it in the same way, and he likely felt safer most of the time anyway, because he was with us.  

It has been a really rough week because James and I have been running on fumes most days, and it gets really frustrating trying to get Margaret to go to sleep and stop freaking out if she thinks we’re going to be out of sight.  We think we might have a system going that’s starting to work better, and last night DID go a bit better than some nights previous, so there is hope!  But it’s challenging for sure.


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