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Today I did a big grocery shop.  I actually pretty well stuck to my list (one of my goals moving forward, not getting suckered into buying stuff we don’t actually NEED) and stocked up on things that I have recipe plans for already.  I’ve written out several slow cooker recipes that I want to try, and I even printed off a meal plan for the next week.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to be more organized with, but have never followed through with.  It feels good to know that our entire week of dinners is already planned out, so I won’t have to think about it each day.  I’m only planning Monday to Friday at this point, because James might do some cooking on the weekends, or we can throw whatever together.  For this week I’ve picked 3 slow cooker meals, one super easy to make meal (tacos and Mexican rice), and Friday night is either leftovers or an easy pasta dish with salad.  Done!  Fingers crossed I don’t have any slow cooker fails along the way.  LOL

I have to admit, I’ve totally been hit by the new year I-must-organize-everything-in-my-life-NOW bug.  I actually went out and got some mini plastic drawer bins to work on getting our kitchen drawers more organized.  My dad is a total neat freak beyond the normal person’s standards, so I didn’t take it TOO personally, but over the holidays he did a bit of work around our house and when he brought our screwdriver into the kitchen a few days ago he said to me, ‘Should I just put this back in the junk drawer?’ and proceeded to open up the drawer NEXT to the junk drawer and put it in there!  I said, ‘I know that drawer LOOKS like a junk drawer right now, but it actually isn’t.’  LOL  He felt bad, but I knew it was an honest mistake.  It’s a drawer for napkins, straws, cake candles, baking items (cookie cutters, cupcake liners etc), our corkscrew and wine stoppers.  It’s a mish mash of stuff but it makes sense to have it all in one drawer (although I’m changing it up a bit now that I’m re-organizing).  It DID look junky.  But it really hit home that it’s time I did something about it.

We have a fair bit of cupboard and drawer space, I actually really like the layout of our kitchen.  But sometimes when we have the space we organize things according to having the room, and then suddenly it appears chock a block full when in reality I could probably organize it (and scale back) and have at least one whole cupboard/drawer emptied out (or at least that’s my goal).  I want to do this so that the entire cupboard in the dining room (which currently contains overflow stuff from the kitchen, things I don’t use often or need to get rid of but haven’t) can be a designated game/craft supply area for the kids.  I want there to be lots of paper and supplies on the ready so Andrew can go get everything he needs himself, without me always having to look for his scissors or find his felts or whatever it may be.  He LOVES crafting and is constantly wanting to draw and do art projects, so he will have everything in one place and at his fingertips (and yes, I will monitor it to make sure the girls can’t get his scissors!)

We have SO MUCH STUFF and I want to scale it back and I am ACTUALLY working on doing that finally.  I make myself sound totally neurotic when it comes to organizing, and maybe I am a bit, but I just know I will feel SO MUCH BETTER once it’s all done.  There’s always a lot more that can and should and HAS to be done, but I did manage to get a major chunk of work done on my closet over the ‘holidays’, and it actually is really good for my psyche when I walk into my closet now and it’s not cluttered and for the most part everything is where it should be.  It makes me happy, and if I can extend that throughout the rest of the house, maintaining it will be the only challenge left.  And I guess that’s where things usually go awry, because obviously I’ve had things organized how I want them before, it just never seems to stay that way.  If I declutter in the process of tidying, though, it should be manageable.


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