'I love you, Mommy!'

Emily has become obsessed with telling us she loves us, and when she’s not telling us she loves us, she’s asking us if we love her.  It’s really cute!  There have been quite a few times already where it has really boosted my mood to have her sweet little self wrap her arms around me and smile her adorable smile and say, ‘I love you, Mommy!’  Talk about melting my heart!

Last night at dinner and again tonight, Margaret sang, ‘Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg!’  Although Andrew taught her other lyrics and tonight it was, ‘MOMMY smells’ because she was looking at me while she sang it.  Most of the words come out quite clearly, though it’s possible someone who didn’t know that version of the song might not completely understand the whole thing.  It’s amazing how much both girls are talking, though.  Definitely in full sentences, and they seem to understand most of what we say.  There’s the odd thing where you can tell they’re not clear on what we’re asking them, but that happens rarely.  I can ask them to go get something or take something somewhere and they know exactly what to do.  They’re still at the stage of (usually) wanting to be helpful, too, which is nice!

Yesterday Emily said, ‘Let’s play my room, Mommy.’  I said, ‘You want to go upstairs and play in your room?’  She said, ‘Yes.  I LOVE my room, Mommy!’  LOL  Now that I think about it, she might have just said that because her ‘thing’ is to LOVE everything!  But I actually think she genuinely does like her room.  They just have a few toys in there but she’s currently hooked on playing with this magnetic doll, kind of like a paper doll that you put outfits on, only it’s magnetized and perfect for toddler play.  It’s kept on one of the shelves in their room. Margaret likes that toy, too, but Emily LOVES it =D

I made a batch of play dough last week and the girls (and Andrew) have been enjoying that.  ‘I play pay dough’ is how they ask for it (the girls, not Andrew!!)  They get into ruts quite easily, and if I don’t get their new Frozen placemats (that Fifi gave them for Christmas) out before getting their play dough out of the bag, gawd help me.  I find it interesting that in no time at all, Emily had melded all the colours of her play dough together so there is a chunk that’s purple and a chunk that’s a greenish grey.  Whereas Margaret still has all the different neon colours, some mixed but mostly still visibly separate colours.  Yet they’ve both played with their play dough the same amount of times, and for the same length of time.  They definitely have a twin sister bond, but there’s no question they are two completely different people!


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