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Goodbye Xmas, Hello NYE (aka Andrew's birthday!)

I can’t believe Christmas is over!  I say that every year around this time, but every year I can’t believe how quickly the holiday comes and goes.

We had a really great Christmas.  I spent a lot of Christmas Eve cleaning and preparing food for Christmas day, and then in the evening we just relaxed, James and I worked on a Christmas puzzle.  We actually completed two puzzles so far over the holidays.

I figured the kids would have had us up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning, and I was restless in part because I was expecting to be woken but also because I’m a big kid at heart and couldn’t help but feel the excitement of it all myself!  But we were pleasantly surprised to not be woken until almost 645!  Which for little kids on Christmas day is amazing, if I were to compare them to what I was like as a child.  

The kids were so excited to race down the stairs and check that Santa had indeed been to our house!  His cookies were all eaten, just the stem of the carrot for Rudolph was l…

Two days till Christmas!

December 23rd...I can’t believe it!  We’ve been busy with lots of holiday get togethers, crafting, and doing all things Christmas for the past several weeks.  It’s been great!  I’ve actually felt better emotionally in the past month than I otherwise have in a long time.  I think there are several reason for that, but mainly I’ve just been recognizing all that I have to be grateful for.  
My mom, aunt, and cousin’s significant other did some Xmas baking together a few weeks ago.  Margaret and Emily helped roll out the dough and cut some of the shapes for the sugar cookies.  A few weeks after that we did more cookie baking at my bro and sil’s, where Andrew got right into his element with it.  He had missed out on our other baking because we did it during the school day.  
There were several events at Andrew’s school over the holidays, including a play, pajama day, and a pancake breakfast.  The play was interesting, a different sort of concept but the song Andrew and his class danced to wa…

Seventeen years

Some might find it silly that I think of today as James and my anniversary, since it's not our wedding anniversary but instead the marking of 17 years since our first kiss.  I find it significant, though, because that was when our friendship turned into something more, and it marks the beginning of our life together.

Below is the letter I gave James today in honour of our special day.  We otherwise aren't celebrating because two out of 3 kids are sick, and James and I aren't feeling entirely well ourselves tonight.  But still, I enjoyed reminiscing about that night in residence at SFU, when a bunch of us had a party (for no particular reason, which was the basis for many parties back in those days!) and the night ended with me and James kissing!  I'm so glad I snagged him when I did.  I don't even want to imagine how different my life would be if we hadn't found each other.

Dec 5, 2015
Dear James,
Seventeen years ago today we kissed, and suddenly our lives were co…

A pretty good day over all

I feel surprisingly clear-headed tonight and that’s really saying something for me.  Lately by around dinner time at the latest I’ve been feeling kind of wretched, like I’m coming down with something even though I don’t think I am.  It’s always turned out to be a sleep issue, because once I napped in the evening or got a decent amount of sleep at night, I’d feel better in the morning.  
The cough that Andrew and I have had since our last cold still hasn’t fully gone away, (he had another cold in between, as well) and for some reason yesterday it was really acting up for both of us.  He kept complaining he wasn’t feeling well and while he did stay at school for the day, as the night went on it was clear he was coming down with something again.  He was doing his usual cartwheels and dancing after school, but by after dinner he was just slumped over on the couch, cozied up in his robe, cheeks flushed with an inability to smile.  
He stayed home from school today because I really felt for h…

My prides and joys :)

Andrew says ‘wiss’ instead of wish, ‘mouse’ instead of mouth, etc.  At almost 7 years old I’ve started to correct him more and he can say the words properly but he’s lazy about using his tongue to pronounce the ‘sh’ or ‘th’.  We laugh over it mostly, obviously I know he’ll say the words properly in time, but for now it’s a little ‘Andrewism.’  
Now that she’s 3, Margaret loves to talk about when she was a baby.  She often starts off sentences, ‘Mommy, when I was a beebee’ because she pronounces baby much more like ‘beebee.’  I find it absolutely adorable, not only the way she says the word, but the fact that she acts as if being a baby is just a distant memory for her, despite that she only just turned 3 6 weeks ago!
Emily is very soft-spoken and knows she’s the least trouble-making of the 3 kids...It’s the truth of the matter, she just is.  I find it so stinking cute when the other two are up to their antics and Emily gives me a sideways glance and makes a point of telling me, ‘Mommy, …

Half a day to myself?!

Today my aunt and uncle took Margaret and Emily for the day, from 10:30am and they’re not bringing them back till after dinner.  So I’ve had several hours to myself and am on my own till it’s time to pick Andrew up from school.  We’re going to have a little mommy/son date and maybe do a bit of last minute Christmas shopping...I’d planned on having EVERYTHING done before December 1st, and that’s tomorrow...I don’t think I’m going to quite make the goal but I am VERY close!  Literally just a few things left to get so it’s not going to be a big deal to do a tiny bit in the next few days.
This is the first time I’ve had hours to myself like this in what feels like forever.  I’m enjoying it, and got a bunch of gifts wrapped and took inventory of who’s getting what, I got all my Christmas cards put into their envelopes and just have to get a few more stamps.  I just wish I had more ENERGY.  I stayed up last night to get the laundry folded, didn’t sleep all that well once I did go to bed, and…

Countdown to Christmas!

I feel so Christmasy already, I can’t help it!  Yesterday I put our lights up outside, and discovered that one set was only half working, which was annoying given we only bought them last year.  I hadn’t kept the receipt, not thinking we’d need it, so today we went to Canadian Tire and bought a new strand to replace the malfunctioned one, and also got another string of lights to hang up in our bushes out front to match the strand in our tree.  I haven’t seen the full effect yet since I just put them up and it’s still light out, but I KNOW it’s going to look awesome at night time!  I LOVE Christmas lights and I’m completely OK with having them up this early because we’re only a few days shy from a month away from the big day.  
I put up our little Xmas tree on top of the hutch in our dining room a few days ago, but have yet to get it decorated because I have to take everything out from under the stairs to get our Xmas boxes out.  I don’t want to do that till we’ll actually be decorating…

2015: the year of windstorms

We’re having another crazy storm with heavy winds, which makes me uneasy because it brings back how frustrating it was being without power for about 3 days there a few months ago.  It would be worse now if that happened, since it would also be very cold without the furnace, which wasn’t an issue last time.  I don’t think it’s going to get any worse though, I’m hoping the worst is already over.
It was so windy when I picked Andrew up from school that I had to pull the driver side door  with all my strength just to open it!  I had dinner in the oven with just 10 more minutes to go and it would be cooked, when the power went out.  I had just thought to myself I should light some candles just in case, since it was dark out by that point, but hadn’t quite got around to actually doing it yet.  Suddenly there was a flicker and everything went dark, and all I heard was Andrew’s panicked voice call, ‘Mommmmmmyyyy!’ from the living room.  I said, ‘Don’t worry, I’m just grabbing the flashlight an…

Baby, it's cold outside

It’s so rainy and dreary outside.  I haven’t got used to how early it gets dark out these days!
Last weekend (not this past one but the one before) we took the kids to Science World.  I’d bought a membership back in June and we’d never gone once since I bought it, so I was thinking we’d have lost almost 5 months worth of the membership, but I was pleasantly surprised when they got our cards printed and the sticker for expiry is Nov 2016.  Not that we’ll be going a ton anyway, as it feels like a lot of effort to get there, but at least it’s an option - especially on these cold and miserable days where there’s nothing else to do.  The kids really loved it and it was nice to make a family outing of it.  I could take all 3 kids on my own but the likelihood of that happening are pretty slim.  The girls were a lot easier this time than when we took them last (which was probably about a year ago I’m guessing, or thereabouts!) but it’s still a lot of work for one person to make sure all 3 kid…

My little threenagers

I LOVE 3 years of age.  The girls can be slightly more attitudinal at times, I’ve already noticed (sticking their tongue out at me, or even pointing their bums at me and saying, ‘Pfffffft!’  LOL!  But that’s probably more so stuff they’ve learned from Andrew than the fact that they are now ‘threenagers’).
They’re just so darn CUTE, if I do say so myself.  Of course, Andrew is still completely adorable, too, and I love his age as well.  Three is just perfect in the sense that they’re old enough to understand a lot, can do way more than they ever could before, but they’re also young and small enough to still seem babyish in some ways.  They love to remind me that they are NOT babies anymore, they are BIG GIWLS but they still have a baby-quality to them that I wish I could hold onto forever.  There are still slight hints of that in Andrew, and I think I’ll always look at the side of his face, the shape of his eyes, and see him as a brand new baby.  He still has the same flawless skin, and…

Time flies so fast!

There are definitely moments when one, two, or all three of my kids are making me want to rip my hair out and scream, ‘I’m done!’  But those moments are totally worth it for all the sweet, happy moments we share.  They fill my heart with so much love that it often feels like it’s going to overflow, it’s so full.  
(That made me think of Scott Helman’s song Machine, which is one of my current favourites….Soon your heart is gonna overflow, push you back down you get up again...Honestly there is nothing cuter than a little 3 year old girl voice singing, You’re more than a machine! - Emily loves to sing parts of that song whenever it comes on).
Sometimes I wish I could just freeze frame time.  I wish every good moment shared could be preserved forever, maybe some of the not so good ones too, just to remind us of all we went through together.  But just to have those times to hold onto.  I think I’m realizing more and more how my children are all growing up, rapidly, they’re little people now…

Week in review...

The super rainy and cold season has settled in here on the ‘wet coast’ it seems.  Of course it could be colder, but it just feels chilly and even with the furnace cranked up it’s hard to get warm for long.  I’ve rekindled a love of hot chai tea lattes, and fall scented candles from Bath & BodyWorks and I’m trying to embrace the season as much as possible.
It felt like a busy week this week.  On Monday we had my aunt and uncle and cousin over for a visit.  My cousin (technically cousin’s partner but I think of her as my cousin, too!) is going through chemotherapy right now and I’d already seen pictures of her without her hair, but the kids hadn’t seen her yet.  I had explained to Andrew what she was going through, but didn’t think it made sense to talk about it in any detail with the girls since they just wouldn’t be able to comprehend it at their age.  So I was a bit nervous as to how they might react.  But I should have known that there would basically be no reaction at all, and u…