O Christmas tree, and holiday get togethers

On Friday our new carpets were installed.  The workers got here half an hour early and were done in lightning speed.  I was overjoyed when the job was done!  Our place has never looked so good, since the upper portion of the living room needed replaced before we even moved in.  Having it all plush and perfectly matching the new carpet in the rest of the living room just looks SO nice.  I’m in love with it!  I also love the new carpet smell, it makes it feel as though we’re living in a new house.  A new sink is being installed in our upstairs bathroom as I type this, and the downstairs bathroom is getting an update sometime this week.  There’s always more to be done around here, but I’m glad we’re getting some things taken care of.

It’s amazing the weight that was lifted from me when the carpets were done and I could start putting things back in their rightful place.  They’ve yet to come back to paint the drywall/put linoleum in the closet under the stairs, so there’s still some disarray we’re dealing with, but it’s nothing compared to how it was.  

On Saturday we had my grandma and my parents over for a little visit in the afternoon, and we had our Christmas tree up but not decorated yet.  We put it up on Friday night (after we attended the Craft Fair at Andrew’s school and then went out for an early dinner at White Spot just the 3 of us, while my parents watched the girls).  I knew right away that we’d made a good choice, the perfect choice for us, in getting this particular tree.  It was ‘only’ $150, is pre-lit, and it came with a remote control with 7 different modes for the lights.  It can be just white lights, white with colour, and then all sorts of variations of twinkling and colour sets.  I LOVE IT!!  It’s 7.5 feet and it feels like the perfect tree for us!  

On Saturday night the mil came over with the bil and his new girlfriend (the bil and sil got divorced last year) and we had a little tree decorating party.  It ended up going really well.  The bil was in a good mood, and we really get along well with his girlfriend.  She also happens to be a nanny so she’s really great with the kids, which is always a plus!  And while my bil hasn’t really bonded all that much with the kids in the past, especially the girls, he was really hands on and helpful with them, so I was really happy about that.  After getting all the kids to bed (and finally, eventually, SLEEPING!) we played a game called Caption Captions.  It ended up being SO much fun.  Basically everyone gets 5 little pieces of paper and numbers them as such.  On the first paper you write a caption.  It could be anything.  For example, for my first one was, ‘I like to make snow angels in the snow!’  Then you hand your stack of papers to the person to your right, and everyone draws a picture of the caption on the 2nd piece of paper.  Pass to your right, then write a caption for THAT picture, and so on till you end up with another caption at the end.  Then you all go around and share what your caption became.  As my bil put it, ‘There are no winners with this game, essentially we’re all losers!’ LOL  It’s a really hilarious game, and great for getting people laughing - I recommend pairing the game with several festive drinks =)
On Sunday I had a hair appointment at 11, and had to bus for the first time in I can’t even remember how long to get to it.  We were having a gingerbread cookie making party in the afternoon at my brother’s place, and it made more sense for James to be able to drive them there to meet me.  It wasn’t a big deal to bus and skytrain, but I’d forgotten how much time is tacked on to waiting for transit, and then having people cough and sneeze around you, or crazy people do things you’re unsure about, and having to smell people’s smells...LOL  I felt a bit like a duck out of water, which is ridiculous after literally 15 years of taking transit ALWAYS and thinking driving would be a pain in the ass!  I love my van now, what can I say!  

My hair appointment went well.  I basically got the same cut as last time, it just needed to be redone.  But the colour is awesome.  Lots of magenta on the sides and the base colour is fairly dark but there just seem to be a lot of nice highlights throughout.  I’m really happy with it.  I love having short hair, it’s so much easier to maintain.  

The party went well at my bro and sil’s.  My sil decided to set up the cookie decorating on the coffee table in the living room, so that Margaret and Emily would be able to do some, too.  I thought it would be a nightmare with candy and sparkles EVERYWHERE but it turned out really well.  The girls decorated their cookies fairly neatly.  Emily enjoyed placing little candy balls on top of the icing, and Margaret enjoyed licking the icing off of hers as soon as it was put on!  Andrew really got into the whole thing and decorated some giant cookies that my bro had got just for him.

We had lots of party type snacks, and then my bro had made the most delicious mac n’ cheese EVER and a really yummy vegetarian chili.  It was such a treat to me to get a home cooked meal that I didn’t make myself.  I almost never have a meal made for me, maybe a couple of times a month James makes dinner on the weekend but otherwise I pretty much make everything we eat.  And I don’t really love cooking, so having someone make a meal for me is AMAZING.  

It was a good weekend and nice to have all that visiting time, but it was also SO tiring and James and I have come away from it pretty exhausted.  I wish we could get more rest and also some time together just the two of us.  On Friday (the 5th) it was our 16 year anniversary since our first kiss.  I know that might seem a silly thing to want to celebrate (I mentioned to my mil that it was 16 years since our first kiss and she said, ‘That’s a weird thing to celebrate, do you also celebrate the first time you….’ and then made a face...I couldn’t even dignify that with an answer...who’s mother says something like that to their child?!  Oh yeah...James’ does...but anyway…)  It’s important to us because it’s basically when we started falling in love.  I remember our first kiss like it just happened, it was really special and also signified an important time in our lives.  But we didn’t really get to celebrate it yet, unfortunately.  We just don’t ever get the chance for a date.  Hopefully eventually we can, at some point over the holidays.

Now that the carpet is fresh and new and the mould is gone and the new walls are up, I feel like I can just focus more on Christmas and getting into the holiday vibe.  I can’t believe Christmas is coming up in just a few weeks!!  


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