Just for the record...

The issues at our house have felt all-consuming this past week (at least).  James told me I’m stressing out unnecessarily, that it is what it is.  And maybe he’s right, but at the same time it’s such a huge disruption to my life and our routine (mine especially) and I hate that.  I also find it very frustrating when the manager we go through says one thing but then the people who are sent to do the work do something else, or have no idea what’s even going on.  I finally feel like I’ve got something settled with one person, and then I’m thrown for a loop when the workers arrive and have a different story.  I am not a person who flies by the seat of her pants, I like to have things planned out in advance with no surprises, please and thank you.

Yesterday the manager came over to look at the carpets and there’s NO WAY she couldn’t have smelled how musty and disgusting it was as soon as she walked in the door.  She agreed that the carpets need to be changed in both (all) sections of the living room.  She said she had already ordered it, and after getting the drywall done today (which it was), the painting could be done Thursday and the carpets put in on Friday.  I was feeling so much better about things after her visit.  She said the carpet cleaner was coming over at 4:30 (which it basically WAS 4:30 at that point) and they’d suck up as much of the water from the carpets as possible to help the smell not be so bad till Friday when the new ones would be put in.  

At 6:15, just as I was about to drain the spaghetti noodles and put dinner on the table, the doorbell rings (despite my sign RIGHT BESIDE THE DOORBELL says to knock because we have twins and if they’re sleeping I’m not going to be pleased if they’re woken) and it’s the carpet people!  And they don’t even say sorry or anything for being late, or for OBVIOUSLY coming at the worst possible time (think tantrums, screaming, freak outs galore and everyone wondering why suddenly we’re not getting fed and are being told to go upstairs!)  I asked them if they could please just cut out the gross sections of carpet because they’re so nasty that cleaning them isn’t going to help at this point, and they said yes but they didn’t speak much English (which is a pattern and similar to a post a while ago about language issues, I can’t help but feel frustrated that we’re not able to communicate with the people who are coming to our house to do a service.  Multi-culturalism is good, but I really do have a problem with the complete inability to communicate when it’s important that we should be able to).  So even though they said yes to cutting out the gross sections, they cut out a little piece of the underlay in both of the worst sections, but left a ton of several-days-soaked underlay and carpet, and then proceeded to shampoo half of our lower living room when half of it wasn’t in need of it, so instead of a partial wet spot all over the carpet we had the majority of the room soaking wet!  So frustrating.  They left two giant, extremely LOUD fans that they insisted we keep on ALL THE TIME FOR THE NEXT SEVERAL DAYS to dry it all out, but not to ever leave the children unattended near the fans.  Yeah, OK, tell me how I’m supposed to go and get their meals and snacks or do ANYTHING that requires me to ever leave the room.  And I’m sorry but NO.  We did leave the fans on all through the night last night, and ultimately I think all it did was blow the musty smell EVERYWHERE into the entire house.  When I got up this morning, I opened the bedroom door to head to the bathroom and literally felt like my breath was taken away by the odour.  So nasty.

The drywallers showed up at 10am and I had been told it would probably take ‘a couple of hours’ to get the job done.  The actual workers were very pleasant, but also spoke only a few words of English, so I couldn’t get a clear answer as to when they’d be done (it was another person altogether who’d estimated it would be a few hours).  The issue I had was that I had to leave by 2:45 to pick Andrew up from school, and I couldn’t have them there without me/locking the door, so basically they had to be done by the time I had to leave.  In the morning I’d been told that would be no problem.  Luckily my mil was able to take the girls to her place for the day so they didn’t have to be dealing with all of the chaos, because it was very noisy, dusty, and did I mention noisy?!  And the smell, well, let’s not even go there!!  I had both the front and back sliding doors open for HOURS and I’m pretty sure it was in the minus degrees, so I was frozen, and cranking the furnace up which will be awesome for our heating bill.  

At 1:00 I thought they were about to tell me they were just about done but instead he had come to say that they were going to take a half hour lunch break and then would be back to do the rest.  I said ok, but I have to leave by 2:45.  He said it wouldn’t be possible for them to finish before that, probably 3 or 4.  When I said the issue was me not being there and them not having a key, and he was confused about what I was saying so I decided I would just go get Andrew out of school early and then I wouldn’t be worrying about it anymore.  So I went and got him at 1:15 instead of 3, and it worked out fine.  We ended up drawing and doing a craft project for about 2 hours together, and it was nice to have that time just the two of us.  I’d say ‘quiet time’ but it wasn’t as the drywalling was quite noisy, but it was nice having some quality mommy/son time, anyway.

When they left at 4 I decided Andrew and I would go pay a visit to the management office as I’d been calling all throughout the day without ever getting an answer to my calls (not surprising as this is generally the case when they know you’re going to be asking them questions they may not want to answer or don’t have answers for or having answers for that they know you won’t like!)  Of course the managers were both there, (confirming that they’d been screening my calls just minutes before - madness!!) so I chatted with the one who we tend to deal with, and maybe sort of kind of got things sorted out.  Our new dishwasher (oh, did I not mention, that started to go recently, too) was supposed to be delivered today and I of course was waiting all day for that to happen but no one ever even called about it, so she said tomorrow it will be delivered.  (We’ll see if it actually happens, I’m not holding my breath!)  It sounds like MAYBE the walls will be sanded and painted tomorrow and the linoleum put in under the stairs...And then on Friday we get the new carpets.  One snag, though, is that her superior has not actually ok’d the carpets yet!  WTF?!!!  One of the carpets HAD MUSHROOMS GROWING OUT OF IT and the manager is not wanting to sign off on replacing it?!  This is seriously what we’re up against.  She said she agreed with us that it needs to be replaced, and I sent her some pictures to prove it is bad, and I told her the reason I was there was to tell her that I was planning on having my dad over tonight to cut out the really nasty pieces because the smell is unbearable and not healthy for my family to be constantly breathing in, I really can’t take it anymore!  At first she said we should wait till tomorrow but I said I didn’t think I felt comfortable with the kids staying in the house over night with that smell and she said you know what, just cut it.  If you feel it’s best for you and your family, it’s what you should do.  So we did!  My dad came over after work and cut out several pieces of carpet and after just a few hours of that (and after spraying an odour remover over the concrete area) I am not smelling the mustiness much at all.  It was NASTY, my dad couldn’t believe how bad it was in one section.

We have to have blankets over it while the kids are still up but tonight I’ll put the giant fans on through the night and see if it won’t dry things up by tomorrow.  It’s a total nightmare in here to me, but I am HOPING that they will come through for us and have the carpets done on Friday as I’ve been hearing is the plan, and then all will be well in my world by Friday night!  And our plan is to have a Christmas Tree decorating party on Saturday with family, so it better work out that way.  We have a brand new 7.5 foot Christmas tree sitting so sadly STILL IN THE BOX in our front foyer and I am itching to put it together and start focusing on Christmas the way I’d hoped to have been doing by now.


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