Andrew's pre-birthday class party!

We’re so close to Christmas, I can taste it!  Actually, Andrew and I DID make some Christmas sugar cookies for his class party tomorrow, and they’re delicious.  The only thing was, I realized I was going to have to make 3 more batches in order to have enough for all the kids, possibly their siblings, and a few kids from other classes that might be joining us.  It had already taken us about an hour and a half to make one batch, and I couldn’t fathom spending half a day or more making cookies.  So off to the store we went...and thank gawd Safeway had kits of ready-made cookies in the shapes of snowmen, ornaments, and stockings, complete with icing and candy to add to them, AND they also double as ornaments for the tree!  Perfect.  I’ll take the ones I made, too, but I think the kids will do better with the kits.

We’re actually hosting a little birthday/Christmas party for his class tomorrow.  About 2 weeks ago we handed out invitations to his actual birthday party, which we’re having on the 20th even though his birthday is on the 31st (I thought it would be better to have his party when the kids would be more likely available to attend, and with his birthday being new year’s eve, we figured that might be an issue.  Also, while we’ll still do a small cake and of course celebrate on his actual day, I thought it would be much less stressful over the holidays to have had his birthday party done beforehand!)  We decided he could invite 4 kids, to keep it small (since his sisters will be there too, that already brings it up to 7 kids total!)  

Luckily we were able to talk to his teacher before giving out the invites, as I was worried about how it would affect the other kids to find out they weren’t invited.  I’d invite everyone if I could, but 16 kids plus the girls would be WAY too crazy, not to mention way too much food and mess and just NO!  The teacher talked about it with the kids when I wasn’t there, and of course the ones who weren’t invited had hurt feelings, but the teacher did a great job of making them feel better by saying that we’d put all their names in a hat and picked out 4 as that’s how many he could invite, and that it wasn’t about playing favourites (even though in reality Andrew did get to choose...although in all honesty he really would have wanted to have everyone there!)  One boy took it so hard that he ran to the cloakroom sulking and Andrew had to go talk to him about it!  LOL  We ended up inviting him, saying we’d randomly picked one more person and his name came up!  I felt SO BAD, the kids totally tore at my heart strings.  I really like everyone in his class and wouldn’t want any of them to feel left out or have hurt feelings.

So the teacher agreed to letting me host a little party for the whole class, but during class time (so I’m not actually having to be in charge of everyone!)  Originally I was going to make mini cupcakes but the teacher suggested the cookie decorating activity, so that’s what we went with.  I decided to get little goodie bags for everyone, which I was able to do really cheaply at the dollar store.  I think they’re going to love it, Andrew and I put them together yesterday - each little loot bag has 5 things in it.  A ring, a bouncy ball, a party blower, a slinky in the shape of a star, and a little box of Christmas stickers.  Andrew really enjoyed thinking about what colour to give each person, and I was happy to see him getting excited about what other people would get out of receiving the gifts.  I think it’s going to be a crazy afternoon, but a fun one!


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